13 September 2010


Nah-uh. Not that "Electrocute" song. Whatever its real title is.

I noticed that I get mild (how do you call them again?) electric shocks when the HP Mini 311 is charging  - I touch the sides and I think it's the USB, VGA, HDMI ports that I get the mild shocks from. But I also get it when I brush my hand's upper side (whatever you call that side of your hand that is opposite your palm?) agains the strip of metal that houses the speakers.

Is this normal or should I get worried (perhaps our power outlets are frying my Mini 311's innards?)?


Quactaur said...

Lemaurien I have had this happen on a couple of external hard drives. I don't get proper shocks, it just feels like my hand is buzzing / vibrating as I run my hand/finger over it. It hasn't done harm in a good few months use, but that's external; if it's on the ports themselves you might want to have someone look at it.

One simple trick to try is use a different PSU. While I'm okay with it on my HDs, I have used different power cords and have problem stop. Give it a try if you can spare on.

If as you suspect it's your actual power outlets (shouldn't be if they're selling the machines there) then just get a protected extension cord

LeMaurien19 said...

Thanks Quactaur. Will hunt for a new PSU then. It's my fault - I just assumed that the power brick would regulate current for the Mini 311. But I guess it doesn't.

I'm also concerned about that strip of metal covering the speakers. Maybe we should watch out for peeling paint?

machosehead said...

Wow, shocks don't sound good. I would suggest trying a different PSU too. Make sure the electrical receptacle you are using has a good earth ground as well. Do you notice this plugged-in at different locations? I noticed that the PSU for my mini is same as other HP PSUs from dead laptops people have given me. The model number is different but the specs are the same. If you get shocks from the front speaker grill then it is probably connected to the common as are the ports.