26 October 2010

On HF7 and Trackpads. Again

It seems that I'm not the only one who's missing sidescrolling - and I mean the readily available variant - on the HP Mini 311. Although getting the Alps Glidepoint recognized as a real trackpad is still the ultimate goal for HPM311DP (HP Mini 311 Darwin Project), we are still at the crude stages - yes, the Alps Glidepoint is or can be seen as a trackpad under Snow Leopard but that's about it and in fact, as it turns out through the various feedbacks both at My MacBook Mini and InsanelyMac HPM311DP threads, this so-called progress turns out to be more of a step backward as of the moment.

That is, we'd have to resort to coerce people to acquire some strange haduken technique to just use sidescrolling on their machines. In the several weeks I've played with the "new" ApplePS2Trackpad + Trackpad.prefPane, I'd say it's not even real sidescrolling we're getting with this farflung method. It's just locking the cursor to the scrollbar and even if you choose any part of the vertical spread that makes up your Mini 311's trackpad surface to slide your finger up and down will do the trick. Once locked, that vertical strip is no longer relevant. Or better yet, since the advent of the "new" ApplePS2Trackpad + Trackpad.prefPane, it ceased to be relevant.

So I think you will agree that, for now and until a better solution is found, we'd be better off letting the Alps trackpad of the Mini 311 to continue with its identity crisis.

Here's an installer based off on Retail Pack 1.0, the HPM311DP's current stable release:
  • It reverts to the old Alps Glidepoint as PS2Mouse which enables sidescrolling - real sidescrolling.
  • Same GPU Power Management capabilities - supposedly can help improve battery life.
  • Temperature monitoring - new FakeSMC.kext now installed in /S/L/E
  • Audio - update from VoodooHDA 2.6.2 to VoodooHDA 2.7.1
  • Matching newly revamped DSDT
  • HF7c is basically the previous released HF7 BUT this time, we revert to the old
    "Alps as PS2 Mouse" paradigm.
A note on how to install HF7c:
  • Please go to : /Users/<your username>/Library/PreferencePanes/ to delete any existing VoodooHDA.prefPane BEFORE running the HF7c installer or you'd have audio issues upon reboot - It's a sloppy measure, but for the life of me, I did all the scripting haduken that I'm capable of and I still have this little bug. Please excuse me.
  • I have 3 GB RAM and I have problems with HF7(c) so I use PC EFI 10.6. - Installer available here. PC EFI should be run AFTER running HF7c installer.
Your comments/feedbacks are much appreciated. I'm thinking of taking HF7c as the official HF7 release.

Also, MowgliBook has put up a new Beta Retail Pack 1.1a and if you want to try it, I've made an installer for you:
  • New Chameleon RC5 with modules. - Although this installer does not include the Chameleon.prefPane (look for it inside Retail Pack 1.1a) because this installer is for EFI boot method and thus the prefPane is irrelevant. The Cham prefPane can access settings only when the Extra folder is in the "/" root directory - remember that in EFI boot method, the Extra folder is in, well, the hidden EFI partition, where the prefPane designed as it is, cannot reach it.
  • Same features as introduced in HF7 and HF7c - DSDT.aml is different though as I've observed.
Note on installation of HF7b:
  • Please go to : /Users/<your username>/Library/PreferencePanes/ to delete any existing VoodooHDA.prefPane BEFORE running the HF7b installer or you won't get audio working.
Issues I noticed with Chameleon RC5/HF7b:
  • Once I've put the 311 to sleep, wake it up again, and then restart it, the machine just won't properly execute restart - it hangs. I've 3 GB RAM though, so maybe that's where the problem is...
Sleep/resume works well with RC5/HF7b even on 3 GB RAM.


Anonymous said...

woah. i just noticed i had 2 trackpad prefpanes, one under hardware and one under other, different options each. i dont really remember what i stuck into this system (months ago) but last i looked am using voodoops2 (i think i deleted appleps2 cause it caused kps). sidescrolling works (no neet to point on the scrollbars, no extra click hold technique either). dont know if this may help or confuse but atm am pretty confused myself.

btw, got to confirm if ym's mic works with voodoo hda 2.7.1?

LeMaurien19 said...

I doubt that the VoodooPS2Controller.prefPane does indeed control your Alps trackpad.

Also the new VoodooHDA.2.7.1 still can't make the internal mic work with YM. It works brilliantly with Skype however...weird, I know but that's how it is.

deimon said...

I installed Leopard 10.6.2
- MacOSXUpdCombo10.6.4.dmg
- HPM311DP HF6 Installer.pkg
- turned off "Use secure virtual memory".
Then I installed HPM311DP_HF7c.pkg.

Now I have random kernel panic on system loading and sometimes on shutting down. How to fix it?


Should I install PC EFI 10.6 now?

Thanks for your good work.

LeMaurien19 said...

Restart and try get into your desktop. I suggest booting with -v -f option.

Just in case, here's how to do that - after turning on the 311, press and hold F8 key. Then at the prompt, type:

-v -f

press Enter key.

Repair your Disk Permissions. I think things need to "settle down" first and the KP's should cease to bug you (or rarely - it's a hackintosh anyway, one occasional KP is deemed still within normal but not so often of course).

For HF7 or HF7c:

After doing the above (for HF6), try to boot normally (non-verbose/graphical mode) and then put the machine to sleep. There shouldn't be a blank screen when you wake it up again.

If you have 3 GB RAM, you're likely to experience the "blank screen on wake" problem. If you have this issue, then it's time to install PC EFI.

Anonymous said...

now it gets weirder. its not named voodooPS2Controller.prefpane. i remember i had one of those and got rid of it. it really reads "Trackpad" (1 trackpad.prefpane in /preferences. how can you tell who created it?). i meant voodooPS2Controller.kext though.

thanks on the hda tip. will upgrade when they dish out 10.6.5... it's a hassle to rebuild mkexts. :)

btw, how goes your card reader? i was able to perform writes on mmc/sd's before 10.6.4. now anything i plug into it is uselessly read-only. any tips?

deimon said...


I fixed disk permissions.
After ~10 boot/reboot, I can say, that was the cause of KP.

Thank you very much for your help.
Greetings from Poland.

LeMaurien19 said...

When you install a prefPane manually, OS X asks you how you want to install it:
a) For this user only (you)
b) For all users of this computer

- or something to that effect. I can't remember the exact words.

But anyhoo, check this place:

You should only have VoodooHDA.prefPane in there.

If you've got a Trackpad.prefPane in there, delete it.

Check that you've got Trackpad.prefPane in /System/Library/PreferencePanes/

If you noticed, installing a prefPane for you username only will put it in the /Users//Lib/PrefPanes/ ( and appears under "Other prefPanes") while choosing to install it for all users will save it in /Sys/Lib/PrefPanes/.

Where a specific prefPane should be installed, specially those which are hackintosh specific prefPanes, varies. It depends on where the developer of that prefPanes says it should be placed.

LeMaurien19 said...


Bugger - blogger comments have devoured stuff I wrote between "<" and ">".

Anyways, it should be:

/Users/(your username)/Library/PreferencePanes/

fidiot said...

You do great work. Really like the info you provide, yet I think I went too far into beta land...

After installing HF7, HF7c, HF7d, I also installed the PC EFI 10.6, yet upon reboot, I now get an error with the VoodooHDA system preference, and no way to control audio, or no audio recognized, i.e. no volume.
I had volume and microphone working previously, yet now I don't have it, and have popups of Errors when I try to launch VoodooHDA. Errors like:
Can't get registry-entry path | Wrong Channels Number 0..24

Those popups show up 2 times.

Do you know of a way to uninstall these HF7 packages, or what I can try to do to get VoodooHDA to work? I'd really like to have sound again on the notebook, and don't mind the previous touchpad behavior if I can get sound back.

I don't have any tools yet to dig around the hidden EFI partition, yet I think that is what I might need to fiddle with.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


LeMaurien19 said...

Go to /Users/(your username)/Library/PreferencePanes/

Delete VoodooHDA.prefPane

Run your choice of installer
HF7c is my recommendation. It's more stable than than HF7b or HF7a.
HF7 does have ApplePS2Trackpad - which means you don't have sidescrolling readily available, that's why I prefer HF7c.

Restart with -v -f option at first.

That should clean up things.

Test if you have blank screen on wake issue. If you do, install PCEFI.

If you're still not satisfied after this, reinstall HF6 (see the Guides > Install pages for a link to HF6). But then some people still have blank screen on wake issue with HF6, so I'd say just stick with HF7c or HF7 depending on how you want your trackpad (sidescrolling stuff as I've said earlier).

fidiot said...

Yeah, I had read your directions and thought that I had removed the VoodooHDA.prefPane prior to install of HF7c. I tried that again and got a nice kernel panic.
Anyway, I tried the -v -f restart, yet not sure if it took, but did get back sound and a working VoodooHDA SysPref upon boot. I'll check on the sleep thing next to see if I get a blank at wake. For VoodooHDA I did see HDMI option, yet don't know if that really works yet, it would be sweet if it did.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you are beautiful. Thanx for the fast support.

Now if I could just get my MSI Wind NetTop box to get from 10.5.6 to SL 10.6.4, my life would be complete.

Keep up the good work.

fidiot said...

Damn... I never did have the issue of blank screen on wake at HF6. Now I have it with HF7c. Let me see if get it with any roll backs to previous HF versions.

Can you check your upload of HPM311DP_HF7b.pkg? I see that it is only 2.58 MB and I am unable to get a successful install of it. Wanted to see if you have a pkg of different size than what your mediafire has.


fidiot said...

I am now back to HF6. I have sleep with no blank at wake.
So something is up with any of the HF7 I've tried, as I do have 3GB ram and EFI partition, and don't have ability to get it to ever wake without blank. I did also experience that non-ability to boot from poweroff. PC EFI never did resolve the issue of coming back from sleep.

So for now, no VoodooHDA prefs until there can be something done to get blank at wake to go away. Am willing to test other versions or other tweaks as long as I can fallback to HF6 for now.

I did not realize how I really liked a working wake from sleep, until it was gone, even if it did never wake the onboard ethernet port.

I'll see if I can educate myself regarding what method of hibernate it is doing and how it can be adjusted.

LeMaurien19 said...

Thanks for the heads up on the HF7b file, I'll try to reupload this weekend.

Iperzampem0 said...

I have installed the HF7c pkg and I have followed the instructions (first install the HF7c pkg, second install the PC EFI pkg) and now I have no audio.
I've tried -v -f at boot, but nothing happens.
Apart from that, fortunately I don't have blank screen after resume from sleep...
Now I'm trying do a system repair permission and then I'll let you know ;)

Iperzampem0 said...

None... I've done a System Repair Permission but audio is gone forever... :(
Any solution?
Previously I had 10.6.4 with HF6 installed.

LeMaurien19 said...

Make sure you do have VoodooHDA.kex in /S/L/E.
Delete VoodooHDA.prefPane in /System/Library/PreferencePanes. No VoodooHDA.prefPane should be installed there.
Next delete VoodooHDA.prefPane from /Users/(your user)/Library/PreferencePanes.
Get MowgliBook's Retail Pack 1.0 and locate the VodooHDA.prefPane from one of the folders.
Double click to manually install it - NOTE: install only for current user.
Run Kext Utility to rebuild your system caches.
Try to run -v -f in the ff. boot.

Other than that, I don't know what else is wrong.

Iperzampem0 said...

Hey, thanks a lot!!!
Now Audio is here again :D


Iperzampem0 said...

Doh...! Now I have black screen after resume from sleep... :@

Iperzampem0 said...

OK, that problem appears only when I was in -v -f mode!
In normal mode it disappear...
Thanks again!

fidiot said...


Thanks for you last post. I did have blank screen after resume from sleep, yet only when booted with -v -f. In normal mode resume works correctly.

Barry said...

So I am new to this, but I do have my Mini 311 working with 10.6.5, and no real problems with HF6 and no EFI. I was reading here this morning about HF7, and decided to try HF7C and the EFI since I have 3GB ram. It rebooted and everything, but now I can't open my system preferences. It gives me an error each time, even after reboot. I haven't tried rolling back to HF6 yet. Basically I followed the guide here. I installed, did to 10.6.4 patch, and HF6. I didn't load any other kexts.

Any ideas or comments what I should do different?

Andrew Toy 40B R.O. said...

The link to HF7c seems to be broken now - has it been taken down?