01 November 2009

Sticker Happy

Nope, that's not a touch screen Mini 1000 there - though I wish it were.

With my trackpad back to its senses (it's no longer annoying me by randomly refusing to work) and Snow Leopard as stable as it can get (no more enigmatic kernel panics since I opted to just give up on Leo + Snow Leo dual-boot and erased the 30 gb partition I installed it on), I'm left with not much to do with MacBook Mini.

So I tap my inner Obsessive-Compulsive self and go sticker happy once again.

In homage to the MacBook Air's keyboard, I created some stickers for Command and Option keys of the Mini 1000.
No, I did not use some fancy Photoshop tricks cause as odd as it sounds - being as immersed as I've become in hackintoshing - saving image files from .jpg to .png and vice versa are the only stuff I know how to do with Adobe's glorified-by-the-masses application. Given that major default, suffice it to say for the sake of keeping this post informative as the rest of my blog, I hope, is, I used iWork '09 Pages to create the stickers.

You can download the .pdf version here. (Don't I just love how one can create .pdf's from most any file on the Mac? :D )

Instead of physically swapping the "windows logo" key and the "alt" key, I think this is closer to a real MacBook keyboard.
I applied the stickers first then covered them with my ever reliable "frosted-glass-zagg-mock-up-protective-film"

Now I'm debating whether I go on creating a whole slew of stickers for my entire keyboard to achieve this:

or is this enough?


DTM said...

Hi...i'm sorry for my language mistakes, i'm italian.

I see you've applied the "option" key sticker on the "mouse right click menu" key (the one between alt gr and right ctrl)...is this only a graphic change, or you managed to remap that key to option key in snow leopard?

I've a compaq mini 700, and that key is useless...i'd like to use it as a second option key (to type easily € and @).

Thanks in advance :)

LeMaurien19 said...

Hey, the one with menu & mouse pointer icon?
It's now recognized as a 2nd Cmd key. So in summary I have:
(left of spacebar): Ctrl, fn, Option, Command
(right of spacebar): Command, Command, Ctrl.
Mine's a US keyboard - it's also the layout I chose when I installed OS X. Results may vary but you could try these PS2Controller kexts.

DTM said...

Hi, thanks for your reply...yes, I was referring to that key! :D

I've the Italian Pro layout (QWERTY), and actually that key is useless, I think that OSX doesn't even recognize it...i'll try your kexts (is it ok to put them in Extra folder, right?) and we'll see.

Just in case: is there a way to edit my keyboard layout, starting from an existing one? If works, i'd like to remap that key to option, not command. :)

LeMaurien19 said...

It's something I've been meaning to do but then that previously dead key (I think it was in Leopard; I'm now on Snow Leo) is now working - but as a 2nd Cmd key. Weird I know. But then I'm thinking it must be because in original MacBook's there are only 2 keys to the right of the spacebar: (1) Cmd and (2)Ctrl.

I found this interesting tip from macosxhints, though I haven't tried it myself, it may be worth a try

Anonymous said...

pics are dead, can someone repost?

Anonymous said...

Pics are still dead.