19 November 2009

Rearing Big Cats

Plans for My MacBook Mini?
I think I've done a good job with Snow Kitty on the HP Mini 1000.

Aren't those baby blues, I mean, baby greys, just divine? (Nope, that isn't me holding the cub in the picture)
Soon I'll get another installation guide running, again easier than ever. It can possibly mean giving up EFI all together but I'll find a way to get both Netbook BootMaker and EFI relevant in My MacBook Mini at the same time. The new guide should include new 10.6.2 kexts and other stuff, packed into one convenient bundle for easier reference.

Now the more enigmatic Leopard. Would it shock you to know that I've never quite successfully installed retail 100% Vanilla Leopard on the HP Mini 1000? And by "successful" I mean everything running as smoothly as via iDeneb. I'd very much love to do try that, so far the only hurdle remaining is getting Quartz Extreme enabled. No luck via EFI, I'll see how things fare with Netbook BootMaker / NetbookInstaller. It'd be nice to have a reference for Leopard Retail/100% Vanilla even if people didn't care anymore because they've moved on with Snow Leopard. 
Personally I think this would be a worthwhile exercise as I'm considering getting the HP Mini 311 and then while I decide whether to loot my current 1000 for its wonderfully Snow Leo compliant WiFi card or order a separate one from ebay since Leopard works nicely on the 110's and the 311 has the same WiFi card as the 110.
(This isn't a cheap hobby; in fact I'm still trying gather funds for want of swiping my credit card yet another time. Maybe in 3 years time AdSense revenue from this site would be enough to buy a replacement WiFi card.) 


Isn't that baby Leopard a curious little thing?

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