27 November 2009

HP Mini 311 Selling in eBay with Snow Leo Pre-installed

Because I've been ever so wanting to get myself an HP Mini 311, for the last few weeks since the 311 has been made available where I am, it's been my morning habit to browse eBay for 311 deals. This morning, at exactly 7:58am (GMT+8 - Taipei time) I came across this add on eBay:

Now that picture is very familiar. Very familiar indeed! I thought I might recognize that image of the 311 that I created for My MacBook Mini :D But it's been claimed by that "www.518deals.com" there.
Would this be a good deal to save you from having to buy and then tinker for hours and hours on end to get a pseudo MacBook Air?
Anyway, here's that old image I created in it's not-yet-defiled state:

Oh, and by the way, I took the screen cap from my 16" ViewSonic LCD monitor which displays 1366 x 768  - exactly what the 311 displays. And the wallpaper is from Vlad Studio ; "Carte de Paris" (if my memory serves me right). Anyhow, the website shown on both the iPhone emulator and Safari (or was that FireFox? It was long ago, really) is My MacBook Mini - still on the old wordpress site though, but still My MacBook Mini.

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