25 November 2009

OSXRestart.kext! OMG! OMG!!!

Update: You'd still need OpenHaltRestart.kext cause OSXRestart.kext is not capable of shutting down the machine. Some may experience kernel panics with the combination of these two kexts but some may not. For more details, visit this thread at MyHPMini. It's only for Snow Leopard.

EDIT: It's actually EvOReboot.kext that I'm loading with OSXRestart.kext, nice cause I've not experienced a kernel panic so far.

You've tried all sorts of remedy for it. It's like Acne problem which you've tried to solve via dozens of tons of creams, soaps and what-not.

You know you've got that restart issue with your MacBook Mini wherein once you put it to sleep, wake it up, and then attempt to restart, it doesn't complete the cycle and gets stuck in the middle of dreamland and you're forced to force the Mini to shut down and cold boot it again.

And you've tried kexts like OpenHaltRestart and EvOReboot but they're only empty promises. Well now, thanks to Master Chief from the insanelymac forums, my MacBook Mini restarts even after it's been put to sleep!! (You can also download OSXRestart.kext from here in case you're not registered at insanelymac - which you should be)

It's obvious how jubilant I'm feeling right now - it's already 1 o'clock in the morning and I've got work tomorrow but I've decided to post this news complete with a video à la sh!tty-must-be-under-the-influence-of-either-drugs-or-at-least-alcohol narration. Enjoy!

Oh and one more thing; it isn't from Psystar :D


Daniel said...

Hey Ingrid, right? Anyways, thanks for the quick response on Nov. 23, posts, I will install snow leo and xp when I get my new HD.
Hey, I was just wondering how you look like? I am really a fan, cuz UR very smart! And I saw on other posts that you've spoken tagalog.. Cool!!! Well, just keep doin what you doin, I really admire you=)
I'm the same,noob but not.

LeMaurien19 said...

Thanks for reading my blog :D I've updated the post about OSXRestart, see the notes added at the top of the post.
PS. I guess I wasn't doing a good job at internet privacy, haha.

FacebookDanielDenz said...

Hey, again thanks. Sige! You are really doing a good job!!! By the way I have 110-1031NR and 1000 guide works fine on my 110
& doesn't matter if it is Leo or Snow both works on my mini.
Is it possible for you to add all the adjustments-hacks and tweaks on the guides accordingly? I will support your blog for effort.
I will click that donate button kase alam ko you are working hard=)
PS. Do U have facebook?FS?

LeMaurien19 said...

^You mean wifi works on Snow Leo on your 110? Cool.
Thanks for supporting this site. :D

Daniel said...

No does not.. It was a successful install though.
Hey! I just bought myself a MacBook Pro online! It was the low end 2.26Ghz with 2GB & 160GBHD.. It should arrive soon=)
Hey, can U add me on UR FS or FB?? Add me ass a friend=D Thanks

LeMaurien19 said...

Walang anuman po. Salamat sa support sa blog ko.
ps. fb added.

MediaTrust said...

how did you install the kext file? Did you use an installer tool or just drag into the extensions_update folder?

LeMaurien19 said...

^drop the kext into extensions_update folder. If you want to use EvOReboot instead of OpenHaltRestart with OSXRestart, then drop EvOReboot into the same folder putting OpenHaltRestart inside the _disabled folder.
Then launch Terminal
$ sudo -s
and drag and drop update.sh from inside extensions_update into the terminal window. Press Enter. Wait till it finishes updating EFI.

MediaTrust said...

thanks! Now if I could only get the trackpad preferences to save on startup! I have to reset them each time i start the machine to use two finger scrolling!

LeMaurien19 said...

What are you using, voodoops2 or appleps2?

MediaTrust said...

apple. Does voodoo 2 work well? Same thing? remove the old to diabled, put in the new then sudo -s with update file from extensions update to update EFI

Cialis Online said...

Cool now a good way to fix that bug that really bugs me (word play aside of course) But is there a way that this could be arranged directly by Apple, it makes no sense we have to work this out ourselves.

Phil said...

Worked pretty good. Thanks for everything LeMaurien. I have just about almost completely finished my Mini1000 hackintosh, you've been an amazing help.