09 November 2009

Toshiba Saves the Mini 1000

November 4: Toshiba announced that the company will release a new line of product in its hard drive category. So what? Tons of 2.5" drives exist out there storage capacity size you'd probably spend a good while thinking how to fill up. 

Sure. Nothing we haven't heard of or seen.

Not really. Take a look again:

1.8" HDD's! One point eight inch hard drives!

I thought I had no choice but to murder an iPod classic and rip its hard drive to replace the one inside my MacBook Mini. 

More details available in this pdf file from Toshiba's site.

The Mini 1000 is a great piece of hardware - make that, hackintoshing hardware, but its slow (4200 rpm's) and smallish (60 gb - 80 gb) hard drive is one of its tragic flaws (battery is the other thing; 3 -cell if you don't want that deformed monstrosity of an extended 6-cell one).

It's quite easy to replace the hard drive, albeit still dealing with a couple of screws, but nothing unsurmountable. 

The future is bright indeed :D

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