14 November 2009

10.6.2 ≠ WiFi Woes (WiFi is back!!)

^Got it! I've got WiFi back :D It does seem that the IO80211Family.kext I've been using (from way back Leo 10.5 is not loading no matter what I do) and this is EFI boot btw.

Here's what I did:
1) Went to /System/Library/Extensions/ and looked for IO80211Family.kext and copied it to my Desktop for editing.
2) Digged in Contents/Plugins/AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kext and edited that kext's Info.plist to add a new arrray string under "IONameMatch":


Note: it's because my WiFi card is a 4315 (Mini 1000), you might need to change yours accordingly.
3) Saved my changes and loaded this IO80211Family.kext I just edited to my EFI partition (to avoid mucking with my /S/L/E folder), replacing the old IO80211Family.kext there.

et voilà! J'ai récupéré mon WiFi...:D

It looks like Apple's made some changes on how 802 works in 10.6.2. So the older IO80211Family.kext we've been using ever since Leopard 10.5 is now cranky in 10.6.2.

Attached is my "home-brewed kext" (sorry if I sound like the kext is really mine, haha, :lol:) if you're feeling lazy to do the editing on your own.
It needs to be checked though cause I only have wired LAN at home (primitive me ;)) Anyone care to try patching their own kext or using this one attached here to connect to a WLAN network and check if it works? I can only say Sys Pref > Network tells me AirPort is ON.


Shadow3k said...

No luck here. :(

LeMaurien19 said...

If your Mini is a 110 then its wifi card won't work in 10.6.2. It has never worked in Snow Leo ever since 10.6.0.

I'm using a Mini 1000 which has a wifi card that's compatible with Snow Leopard - that's why this works :D

Happy Holidays