27 November 2009

X Ray Folders : Quick Look Can!

I was meaning to post this weeks ago but forgotten about it entirely.
I remember liking one feature in Vista's user interface - the sole one perhaps (I'm not sure about you, but Vista's aero effects and colors are a bit vulgar for my taste):

So when I open a window and thumbnail view is enabled, I could actually see what was inside those folders - icons peeping out like in the pic above. I missed this in Leopard and Snow Leopard and thought (secretly) that it was one thing Vista and Windows 7 had that trumped over Mac OS X.
Now it turns out I was entirely mistaken.
X-ray folders!
(You can see this feature in action via Quick Look and Get info)

This feature isn't enabled by default so you gotta coax Mac OS X to exhibit this. All you need to do is launch Terminal and input this command:

defaults write com.apple.finder QLEnableXRayFolders 1

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