30 August 2009

Return of the OC

I myself am at lost as to why I did what I just did. Got the idea from netbooks.ph. It's glass frost film repurposed from covering, well - your glass surfaces, to functioning as protective cover for your netbook and other gadgets. Kind of like Zagg, only cheaper and obviously not as high tech (I don't imagine the Air Force would think of putting this material instead on their chopper blades) but it does a great job as gadget protective film.

Some weeks ago, I went to a nearby hardware store to get myself a roll and cut up a nice piece for my MacBook Mini's palm rest and lid (I didn't really wanna cover up the Mini's nice swirl pattern so I didn't opt to get a gelaskin). It was so fun cutting up a piece to size and sticking it on MacBook Mini so I also decided to craft a touchpad protector later.

I find my trackpad experience improved by the texture of the glass frost film; tracking is now way much smoother than ever.

But there's more. Since I couldn't find a local supplier for keyboard protector for the HP Mini, the Obsessive-Compulsive me had the quite outrageous idea of creating one from scratch. So measuring by hand each key, drawing the squares and rectangles as accurately as possible to the last milimeter my lowly ordinary plastic ruler could offer, and then lovingly cutting up each piece to stick them down on the surface of all 68 keys of the HP Mini 1001TU, this is the result:


I've read that blowing some warm air on the film before you apply it makes for a smoother and cleaner application as it helps keep out those nasty air bubbles.
Wonderful feel to the touch :D Hmmm. . .what if I cover even the underside? Stop!


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