04 September 2009

One MacBook Mini To Rule Them All?

Setting Frodo aside, here's an interesting find from liliputing.com

Don't we just love the ingenuity, or rather flare for imitation that our fellow asians, the Chinese, have?

If Apple is slow to catch up on the netbook craze and has left us craving for a MacBook Mini to the point of resorting to hacking all flavors of existing iterations of this portable computing platform on the market just to get some Mac OS X lovin'; then China proves to be the angel of mercy that brings into fruition something that's only heard of from "extreme mods" sections in our respective forums.

In summary these guys have put the all too familiar by now 1.6 GHz Atom N270, 1 GB RAM, IntelGMA950 in a drool-worthy package.

I'm loving the island keyboard though the trackpad may be a lot less stellar than on a real MacBook.

Personally, I doubt it's real aluminum. More like spray painted plastic :D See the rest of the pics at Flickr.com


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