26 September 2009

Vanilla Crazy

Like good ol' (or should we say, stubborn?) Alice, I've gone down the rabbit hole to EFI boot.

What is EFI boot anyhow? Not that I'm assuming those who're reading this post don't have a inkling but it's the question I'd asked myself when I stumbled on the thread over at msiwind.net forums so I'm including it here as a reminder to my own self, actually just a couple of reasons why I'm going EFI:

  • It lets me keep my hackintosh kexts separate from my main Mac OS X installation; no need for changing anything in /System/Library/Extensions/ folder. What people call "100% Vanilla".
  • I can update fine without breaking my install. (at least that's the main thrust of the exercise - a solid as rock installation in terms of stability)
So my MacBook Mini is now 100% Vanilla Snow Leo + EFI boot. But there are still bumps like the all too infamous sleep/hibernate issue that I need to iron out, hopefully with DSDT patching.

All in all, I'm still just scratching the surface with this new method (at least to me) and sometimes my inner noob gets overwhelmed with all the information going on. I hope I survive this one alive to get a how-to guide going in the near future.

For the meantime, I'm all crazy about Vanilla - ice cream and installation variant alike. :D


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Anonymous said...

Great finding LeMaurien19! Mind sharing the detail guide to install Snow Leopard with EFI boot? ;)