20 August 2009

Blogger or Wordpress?

While it's no secret that I adore Wordpress, I won't deny that I'm secretly eyeing the other side of the fence that is Blogger. You might already know that My MacBook Mini started from  "mymacbookmini.blogspot.com" originally. Even the allure of AdSense without having to get the premium account unlike in Wordpress couldn't help in my frustration with how Blogger looked (and looks still) so I migrated my whole stuff over here.

Now, no points for guessing, but I'm finding myself attracted to going back to blogspot. Yes, because of AdSense and the premise - although that could be false as well - that Blogger is a more open platform than Wordpress.

But I can't quite leave Wordpress just like that. For one, I really like the format and the whole general feel of this blog.

Decisions, decisions. :(

1 comment:

Jay Elling said...

hey man
you got a good thing going. I can and am willing to help you out with some wordpress and hosting stuff.......If you can help me get my hp hackintosh going.

I do alot of wordpress and i have space for hosting and you can definitly hook up ad sence.

taking my second stab at hacking this thing.
peace. get at me if interested.