28 August 2009

Snow Leopard Unleashed




The list goes on.

These are Snow Leopard seeds released by Apple to registered developers and which sell like hot cakes on your local favorite torrent sites in the world wide web. They're what hackintoshing forums (1) (2) (3) all over have been discussing. It's the reason why many people have opted to stick with 10.5.7 instead of jumping right into 10.5.8 - why bother with it when Snow Leopard's coming soon? And now it has come.

The community has been playing with the OS beta for some time now with varying results. Now that we have a stable release, it wouldn't be a surprise if one of these days, a completely easy to follow Snow Leopard installation how-to guide will be available.

First off, we'll have to check Captain Jack Sparrow's bay or the Nova that's Mini to see if we can get our paws on this newest kitty and scratch its chin. ;)


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