18 October 2009

Snow Leo EFI Boot Guide Revamped : Part 4

1. Fix your ApplePS2Controller - to resolve "trackpad preferences won't save after reboot" issue.
- Go to /SnowLeoHPMini_101709/Trackpad and copy "com.meklort.ps2.helper.plist" to /Library/LaunchAgents/. Authenticate as prompted.
- Back in /SnowLeoHPMini_101709/Trackpad, double click on the "Synaptics Trackpad.prefPane" to install it.

2. Install VoodooHDA support files - to be able to adjust volume
- Go to /SnowLeoHPMini_101709/VoodooHDA
- double click on VoodooHDA.prefPane to install.
- double click on voodoohdahelper. Terminal is automatically launched to run a the install script.
2. Install new VoodooHDA - I do not, in anyway, take credit for this wonderful work. This will enable changing volume via fn+f10/f11 or via the slider on the menubar (no need for digging inside System Preferences)
- Go to /SnowLeoHPMini_101709/extensions_update and move the old VoodooHDA.kext into the _disabled folder
- Download the modded VoodooHDA here and drop it into extensions_update folder.
- Launch Terminal, then sudo -s. Drag and drop update.sh script file from extensions_update folder into Terminal window. This should display # /SnowLeoHPMini_101709/extensions_upate/update.sh on the line.
- Press Enter and wait till updating completes. Restart the Mini for changes to be implemented.
- After reboot, delete / remove / uninstall any VoodooHDA.prefPane from the older version as they will not work with the new kext anyway.

3. DSDT (Sleep/Clamshell)
* The DSDT.aml which is installed when using this guide should enable Sleep/Clamshell for the HP Mini 1000. If you're having trouble with the said dsdt.aml, read up on the topic here.
- Once you've generated your own dsdt.aml via DSDT Patcher, copy it to /SnowLeoHPMini_101709/dsdt_update/
- Launch Terminal then sudo -s
- cd /SnowLeoHPMini_101709/dsdt_update/
- Run ./update.sh to load this dsdt to EFI.

4. Configure Boot plist
- Get your “Mac HD” partition’s Universal Unique Identifier via Disk Utility and right click “Mac HD” choose "Information". Cmd+C to copy the number.
- In Finder, go to /SnowLeoHPMini_101709/Extra/ and open com.apple.Boot.plist with TextWrangler. Then create a new key after the “device-properties” in the file. (This "boot-uuid"entry tells Chameleon to boot only your specific internal hard drive whose Universal Unique Identifier you've specified in the string.)

- You can also set Chameleon's countdown timer here. By default it's set to "5".
- Save the changes to com.apple.Boot.plist. Put the file in /SnowLeoHPMini_101709/bootplist_update/
- Launch Terminal. Then sudo -s and cd /SnowLeoHPMini_101709/bootplist_update/. Run ./update.sh to load this edited plist to EFI.

These "_update" folders in the "SnowLeoHPMini_101709" package are there for you to use to make changes to EFI. (credit goes to 18seven)

The update steps are generally the same. Once you've made changes to one component file, just:
a. If there's an existing file in the component folder, move it to "_disabled" folder.
b. Drop in the new file.
c. Launch Terminal.
d. sudo -s
e. cd /path/to/component/update/folder/
f. ./update.sh

5. Update to 10.6.1
Because you're on EFI, the files you need to run Mac OS X (custom kexts that the operating system require to run on non Apple hardware) are kept separate in the EFI partition. Distros' like iDeneb have these files installed in the main system - i.e. /System/Library/Extensions/ - which will be touched by the updater when it's run.
- After you've downloaded MacOSXUpd10.6.1 from Apple, install the update. In my experience, you can safely just restart without doing anything further but just to be on the safe side:
- Don't restart yet but proceed to launch Terminal and sudo -s
- cd /SnowLeoHPMini_101709/extensions_update/
- ./27ae.sh to repatch your video kexts.
- ./update.sh to load the repatched kexts to EFI.

EDIT: This guide is only for HP Mini 1000


BULGARI said...

I have HP MINI 110-1111TU.

so follow this threads and complete install OSX 10.6

but not work wi-fi.

how to fix it? please advice to me !


LeMaurien19 said...


You've got a Mini 110, I heard that for that model, WiFi doesn't work in Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6).

Maybe you should try installing Leopard instead? The Mini 110's WiFi has been reported to work well in Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5). It's via iDeneb v1.3 here's a guide you can use:

LeMaurien19 said...

Oh sorry that was a wrong link. Here you go:

Anonymous said...

excellent guide, could I know if snow leopard can be restored using time machine normally, as in a normal mac?

cGarst said...

Great guide! I bought the mini 1000 to use to follow this guide and it's nearly working perfectly.

Did you have any issues with sleep not resuming after sitting for a while? I seem to have this issue consistently. Also, my volume buttons don't change the actual volume.

Jean-Philippe Bousquet said...

I've followed every step of the guide, but I get a blank screen now when I reboot my HP Mini.... PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

Pedro Cardoso said...

I used this pack's kexts and dsdt.aml on a old installation I did using chameleon, and the last thing I needed, sleep, worked flawessly.

As that installation was so hacked I followed this guide for a fresh start, and now sleep doesn't work again. I created a new dsdt and did those edits and still no luck.

Damn, I was so close! :)

LeMaurien19 said...

@Jean-Philippe Bousquet:
It most probably be an issue with the installation of chameleon.

If you still have your installer USB hard drive (used in this guide), use it to boot up your existing Snow Leo installation in the Mini.

Launch Terminal and run this command:
diskutil list
Verify that your Mini's EFI partition is indeed registered as "disk0s1" --> 0s1, it might be different. Change the commands to integrate your EFI partition's name - disk1s1 or disk2s1 etc.

Also before runnning:
fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdisk0
dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s1

make sure you're indeed in the correct path:
cd /SnowLeoHPMini_101709/cham2RC3 (just Tab as you type to avoid with errors in paths)

LeMaurien19 said...

and don't forget to flag that partition as Active ;)

Again, be sure that you're in the correct path /SnowLeoHPMini_101709/cham2RC3

before running:
fdisk -e /dev/disk0

Again, change all the "disk" references to the correct ID of your Mini's internal Hard Drive that you checked via the command "diskutil list"

Here are what go together:
disk0, disk0s1, rdisk0, rdisk0s1
disk1, disk1s1, rdisk1, rdisk1s1
disk2, disk2s1, rdisk2, rdisk2s1

but as is already known, the EFI partition created automatically if you choose GUID as partition table is tagged as "s1" and the internal hard drive of a laptop is usally "disk0" --> so you have "disk0s1" for EFI.

uShak said...

This guide was amazing, I don't even know if there is any reason to go back to iDeneb or other methods.

I have ONE issue with my HP mini 1000:
Volume adjustment can only be done in the VoodooHDA under system preferences. I ran the accompanied script, but I still cant change the volume via the keys nor the volume icon on the toolbar.

I never checked if it worked before 10.6.1, but I thought i should mention that i updated to that.

One more question, is there a way to reduce window sizes of apps like PhotoBooth?

Thanks a lot!

LeMaurien19 said...

Unfortunately we all have the same issue with audio controls. VoodooHDA is currently still in beta but it's the only (as far as I know) to get sound on the Mini.

Go ahead and update to 10.6.1 - it's only a security update; no new kernel so there shouldn't be a remote chance of bricking your install.

For reducing window sizes in Terminal you can do this:
defaults write com.apple.PhotoBooth AppleDisplayScaleFactor .8

-> substitute ".8" by a value you'd like to try out. Default is set to "1"

Jean-Philippe Bousquet said...

Thank you very much. I've been able to install it perfectly. Unfortunately, I need to reinstall windows on it (so i can return it to the store). Can you please help? I still have the Product Key and i've downloaded a windows 7 iso.

The problem is that the netbook would not boot directly from my External HD (even when pressing F9 or going through the BIOS and disabling the internal HD), it aways boots from the internal hd.

Any help would be incredibly appreciated!

LeMaurien19 said...

De rien.
I don't quite understand your prob; you're trying to install Win 7? And I assume you've restored the iso to your external HD via Disk Utility in Mac OS X. Well, unfortunately I haven't tried installing Windows that way - I've only always used an external optical drive (DVD/Combo Drive) and the iso burned to a CD or DVD.

wellsyke said...

Thankyou for the guide LeMaurien19.

I've followed this guide on my Compaq 702 and SL runs well.
Sleep, mic and volume keys aren't working but I have not tried fixing anything yet.

FrontRow now works (it didn't in 10.5) and everything seems a little snappier.

LeMaurien19 said...

You're welcome :) I too still have probs with volume ctrl and mic. But then these little snags aren't bothering too much as they don't get in the way of my using MacBook Mini for everyday computing tasks.

For sleep, did you use the dsdt.aml included in the download for the guide? Or perhaps you could check out the dsdt page here

shawin said...

Hello. I finished you guide but Photo Booth says "There is no camera connected".
All commands went well except for the voodooHDA one. I got this error:
settings file path: /Users/admindooHDADevice/Library/Preferences/VoodooHDA.settings
error: couldn't find settings file
error: can't read settings
Is that what's causing the webcam issue?
Why is it looking for /Users/admindooHDADevice?
Is there an error in the script?

Shawin said...

Okay I found out that voodoohda is for audio.
Well I have that problem, webcam problem, and the one in which after sleeping for some time, say 15 minutes, the system freezes after resume.
Do you know how I can fix any of those, puhleeeeze?

LeMaurien19 said...

What model have you got? A Mini 1000 or a 110?
Perhaps you could try MACcam.kext and then if you've a 110 and you're using the dsdt.aml in this guide, maybe it's better if you unload that. Then go and download DSDT Patcher from PCWizComputer - there's GUI version.
But before using that, I think you need to modify it a bit. We could try helping you over at myhpmini.com (Mac OS X section)

shawin said...

I'm on a mini 1000. I followed your guide perferctly and generated the dsdt.aml using the GUI version if the patcher. That's what I understood from step 3 above.

thinkboy said...

i am on mini 1000 too. your guide is excellent! everything works.

however, sleep/wakeup is not very unstable, sometimes it halts while trying to wake up from sleep.

i realize that hibernate is disable by default after installation according to your EFI guide. can we enable hibernate so that we can use hibernate instead of sleep?

Q1: can I install insomniaX that is to enable hibernate and disable sleep mode ? any side=-effect? http://semaja2.net/insomniaxinfo

Q2: can we remove the original /private/var/vm/ which used 2GB of space and yet doing nothing since hibernate seemed disable?

pls advise

- Manchi

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this excellent guide.

The only issue I've been experiencing is on wake...It appears the keyboard and touchpad stop responding. However, the system isn't completely frozen as the power switch does bring up the sleep/restart/shutdown dialog. I can ususally tell this will happen by watching the WIFI icon. If it connects, everything will work. if it pauses, then the connection goes to 0, and the the trackpad/keyboard won't respond. Even the Caps lock LED doesn't work. Anybody else experiencing this? Any suggestions?


LeMaurien19 said...

For those experiencing probs with keyboard & trackpad freezes during resume/wakeup from sleep, try using VoodooPS2Controller instead of ApplePS2 (which is what gets installed by default with this guide).
You can visit this post for reference: ApplePS2 or VoodooPS2

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

I have a HP Mni 1120BR ( in Brazil), I've followed this guide, it's all working (great guide, thanks) except the sleep function. When I try to do this my mini freezes in a blank screen, start a kind noise in speakers, and change to orange the color in the led at wi-fi button. Could you help me?

SpaceAge said...


Thanks for you suggestion on the VoodooPS2Controller. I tried it out, but I can see what you mean by quirky...went right back to the ApplePS2 instead. When clicking, everything felt incredibly delayed. It was like click, wait, and then something would happen.

Captain Semtex said...

Awesome stuff LeMaurien19.

(ASIDE: Everyone, if you love your Macbook Mini, show your appreciation with ChipIn! at http://mymacbookmini.com)

I have an HP Mini 1139NR and with the exception of the fn8/fn10/fn11 control of sound, everything else works perfectly. The old VoodooHDA at least gives sound, but the new VoodooHDA bricks my installation (I tried 3 times!).

In the above instructions it says to move VoodooHDA.ktext to the _disabled folder, but I don't have this file. Instead I have sliceVoodooHDA.ktext. Whether I move it or not, my install still gets bricked :-(

Anyway, I have 2 questions...
1) Where can I go to learn about writing ktext files?
2) Any chance of a guide on how to unbrick an installation... ie starting from "SnowDVD" what do you do to recover an install without having to rebuild again from scratch. (Surprisingly I had to revert to a very early backup from Time Machine before I got a working system again).

I have one tip which has saved me a few times but which I haven't read anywhere else. If you get the dreaded "You must power off etc" message, reboot but this time in Chameleon press any key and choose the "Boot ignoring caches" option. Usually everything then works.


LeMaurien19 said...

1) Apple developer's site? Honestly, I've no more idea about kexts than you have - only adding a couple of lines here and there in the Info.plist and stuff (stuff I just get wind of from forums).
2) If you're booting of EFI, it should be quite easy to create an OS X booter from a USB flash drive with kexts you've tested to work with your system; something to keep handy for KP's :D

vanweerd said...


Thanks for the great tutorial.

What's the point of step 4-
4. Configure Boot plist

Everything worked fine for me before then, and seems to run the same after.

Also, you hint on the forum that 2GB may be needed for sleep. Any idea why? I'm at 1GB right now.

Story so far...
HP Mini 1116nr w/1GB RAM
Everything is stellar except for:
-orange light for wifi (always)
-shutdown doesn't complete...seems most of the way there, OS-wise, but the power, trackpad, and wifi lights remain on. Restart, however, works fine.
- still working on sleep (making static sounds currently)

LeMaurien19 said...

# 4 just sets your current installation's partition as the default. Got it from the msiwind.net forums (it's now insanelywind.com - the old one is gone).

2 GB ram was needed when I updated to Leopard 10.5.6 to get sleep/resume working as suggested in hackintosh forums. Ram is cheap so I went for it and it worked. You can try creating your own dsdt and tinker - you could try luck with editing how high-speed USB bus is configured in your dsdt. Look into insanelymac or some other forums for hints.

Barry said...

I followed the "Snow Leo EFI Boot Guide Revamped" guide to set my HP Mini 110 running Snow Leopard 10.6, after few hours work, everything work great including audio, touchpad and others, but WiFi & LAN not work, then after few hours research & work, they are still not able to work.

Much appreciate those experience Hackintosh users provide information on how to fix the WiFi & LAN for Snow Leopard.


Michael said...

Yes, anyway to get WiFi on my newly hacked hp mini 110??? please, I hope so or its a waste. Is there an addition usb wifi adapter we could use??

thanks for any help.


LeMaurien19 said...

last time I checked, still no WiFi for Snow Leo on the 110 as per
MyHPMini forums
People are either
(1) buying an HP 1000 WiFi module on ebay or etc. to swap with their 110's.
(2) Use USB to WiFi (dongles).

Michael said...

Has anyone found a successful USB-->Wifi dongle to work with the Hp Mini 110, running 10.6?

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooo much! I finally got my HP Mini 1030NR to work with almost all the kinks out. The only thing I'm concerned about is the sleep/wake mode.

When I put it into sleep (either closing the lid or fn + f1) it crackles, and then goes black, the trackpad button turns red, but all the other indicator lights stay on. When I go to wake it, nothing happens, so I have to shut it down hard.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



James said...

Mine has the same problem with the sleep/wake function as well, but whenever I boot up the computer again, the two finger scrolling doesn't seem to work until I go back and switch it to off, and then put it back in the on position.

LeMaurien19 said...

VoodooPS2 should be able to save preferences. And ApplePS2 should also be able to do the same with the help of meklort's plist that you put inside /Library/Preferences/LaunchAgents/

mplsnewb said...


Great blog. I have and HP 2140. Every step worked great through all of the terminal work. Everything seemed to work and I re-booted only to get the light grey screen with the apple and the spinner. Nothing happens. I just hang at this start-up screen. Any ideas? Do I have to patch different things in for the 2140? Please let me know as I can get it to work with the Netmaker boot-up USB stick plugged in. It works great this way.


LeMaurien19 said...

don't use the dsdt.aml file - it's specific to HP Mini 1000's. I'd imagine that contributes to your problem.

alexandre said...

hi there, thanks for this tutorial i just finish this tutorial, mac os x run but verry slow booting and running under snowleo, and i've 3gb ram but he reconize only 1gb ?!

i'm on Mini 311c (french)

thanks bye

LeMaurien19 said...

I'm afraid I know less of the 311 as a hackintosh than you do. It would be better to go to HP Mini 311 thread at insanelymac

Neal said...

I had a similar issue with sleep as discussed here (crackles and never really goes to sleep) on my 1030NR. It's related to the amount of memory. When I upgraded to 2GB, the system sleeps and wakes through both the menu and closing the lid. It still makes a slight crackle/static noise, but I can live with that.

IdiotCoderMonkey said...

Has anyone been able to get OS X Update 10.6.2 or 10.6.3 installed after using this guide? I'm only up to 10.6.1. Every time I tried to perform an upgrade, the boot process post-upgrade would hang on the apple logo. Thankfully Time Machine works like a champ, and I was able to pick up the broken pieces of my defunked upgrade attempt.

I have an HP Mini 1137NR (I guess it's a 1000 series?). Any input or advice would be appreciated.

jason said...

I just finished installing the VooDooPS2Controller and restarted. Then I wanted to see what would happen if I closed the lid.

I closed the lid and now I cant get the HP Mini 1030NR to come back on. I held down the power button until it turned off, and tried turning it back on. The power light and mouse light comes on, but I dont hear a fan or see the HP bootup logo or anything. I have even left the battery out for 15 minutes and tried again, yet nothing!

Did the computer go to sleep when I closed the lid? If so, how do I get it to "wake up"?

What else can I try? I would just reinstall windows or osx to make sure it works, but I cant see anything! Please help.

LeMaurien19 said...

I've never used VoodooPS2Controller on my HP Mini 1000 on permanent/regulary basis - I'd always sticked with ApplePS2Controller+ApplecACPIPS2Nub.

Plus, the Mini 1000 can't sleep when updated to 10.6.3. I'm suspecting it needs a rehauling of dsdt - which I'm afraid I can't look into now with my hands full with the HP Mini 311.

jason said...

I have a feeling that the motherboard is fried. I dont hear the fan anymore. Is it possible to brick a laptop? Perhaps it was a coincidental problem? Ive tried hard resetting it and everything else possible I could think of (removing ram and ssd) and nothing. I havent seen a display in 3 days, no boot up, no bios, nothing. Anything else you would recommend trying?

LeMaurien19 said...

But do the indicator lights still light up when you turn on the machine? If they do, then it must be just your CMOS batt needing to be reseated like what I did with my HP Mini 1001TU

jason said...


Thank you! I thought that my laptop was dead. That fixed the problem. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I appreciate all your hard work and research to help the rest of us out.

LeMaurien19 said...

You're very welcome. Glad your Mini came back from the land of the dead. ;)