29 March 2010

HP Mini 1001TU | Return of the (Dead) Jedi

It's been ages since my HP Mini 1001TU died on me - okay that's me, exaggerating again. Although I'm perfectly happy with my latest (and hopefully last) netbook which is the HP Mini 311, I still felt sad when one day, after leaving the Mini 1000 on and torrenting for the entire night, the little hackintosh machine's screen would no longer flash me that oh so cutie blue HP orb when I turned it on. There would it sit, all led indicators lit up but zilch, nada, rien, niente. No hard drive activity, no nothing - just led indicator lights all three of them shedding their eerie glow in front me, white, red (trackpad), blue.

Honestly I thought it was taking its vengeance on me because I took its precious Snow Leopard compatible WiFi card to feed to the Mini 311. But that couldn't be the case and I should stop treating my gadgets as if they were live, breathing, thinking, and feeling entities or I risk being subject to shrink sessions as initial treatment for my burgeoning insanity.

Back to the main point. As warranty for my Mini 1000 just expired last December and the netbook bonked out on me the next month, I was dreading bringing it to the HP Customer Service Center along Buendia in Makati assuming that the damage was serious - a motherboard (or "logic board" as Apple would have it) problem - which would mean one thing: a humongous amount of moolah. Which I wasn't just willing to shell out for, uhm, an out-dated piece of gadgetry. 

Cut to the chase: "Off to the back shelf you go, my darling Mini 1001TU."

And then I was seriously tempted to get wireless N and actually took the plunge - this time I got a real Apple AirPort wireless N (a Broadcom 4328 chip). So I justified this totally impulsive action by convincing myself that I'm doing this to save money: getting the card meant I could return the Broadcom 4312 card to the Mini 1000 and then I'd have it fixed at the HP Center to finally sell the unit since one girl couldn't possibly own 3 netbooks simultaneously.

First try with the AirPort wireless N card on the 311 wasn't promising and instead of banging my head on the wall to reprimand me of my impulsiveness, I fancied myself busy with school (which I really was, and am, just that it's all in the head - I've a final paper to write due on April 5 but couldn't quite start even a sentence). So today, or last night, while I was bearing with the unbearable abdominal pains that serve for nothing but affirm I belong indeed to the fairer sex, I tried again.

Actually, I was bored and couldn't sleep because Advil wasn't kicking in yet and read this post on a forum: 
I just unplugged the CMOS batt connection from the mobo and then reseat it again.
...Well that's after running the HP Mini 1000 once more under the knife, err, screw driver.
Yep, it's alive!!! 
I was definitely overwhelmed and the thought that I fixed it myself (give me a break, guys, please ;-)) was just exhilarating!

With the hard drive shoved back in, I tested if my Snow Leopard 10.6.2 install would still be good and it was! If not for propriety and fear of being branded as ridiculously cheesy and tasteless, and if I had known how to do it, I'd probably have "Reunited and it feels so good" played on this page - if that's even the correct title of that song.

So my HP Mini 1001TU is back in the loop again, thank you very much, sir! But it ain't got none of 'em wireless thing-a-ma-jig an' so it ain't really gittin' no use, ma'am, as a netbook. What to do?

Well the AirPort wireless N Broadcom 4328 card I got earlier and which also wouldn't work earlier does actually work now - after I uninstalled Parallels Desktop and repaired permissions on my 10.6.2 system on the 311.

All I can say is that everyone's happy: Mini 1000 got his 4312 WiFi card back and Mini 311 is in honeymoon stage with his new AirPort wireless N card who was the former WiFe of a real MacBook. But that one's for another post, another time. Tonight, I rest my (teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy) screw driver. 
Nah, I used a my dad's set of precision Phillips screw driver set.
Oh and one more thing: I think I can't bear to part with my MacBook Mini after all. :-P


Kevin said...

That is awesome...an "extra" HP Mini now!Congrats LeMaurien!!!

Ian said...

It's April 9. Hope you submitted your final paper ok :-)

Great that your Mini 1000 is back. I use my Mini 1000 daily and totally love it... but I'm scared to run the 10.6.3 update for fear of anything breaking! Have you tried 10.6.3 on your Mini 1000?

LeMaurien19 said...

Actually I have updated it to 10.6.3 - sleep is broken (even with the correct 10.6.2 and 10.6.3 SleepEnabler.kext version)

Everything else is working fine.

I was meaning to explore this on the Mini 1000 but to be honest, I've been spending most of my time with the Mini 311 regarding 10.6.3. :(

jason said...
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