02 March 2010

Bit the Bullet

I missed Sunday service because I spent the time allotted to that hanging out with friends instead. Then a friend told me what our pastor talked about. No prize for guessing, about rapture and the end of this world. Then one thought lead to another and then to another, forming a chain of possibilities regarding what I should do in life and now a sleepless night ensued - am blogging at 2:25 AM so says my hackintosh watch.

But what does the End Days have to do with My MacBook Mini? Well, in between the tick tock of the clock in the wee hours of the morning and my hyperactive brain cells revived, I decided to log in to my ebay account and get an AirPort Extreme N card.

I was gonna return the Broadcom 4312 HMG card to its rightful owner, the HP Mini 1001TU, so I could then bring it finally to an HP Service Center and get repaired then sell it for some cash to add to my become a university instructor funds. If ever I decide to teach at the University of the Philippines, that'll mean less monthly income for me and so I won't be able to afford the luxury of such a "glorified" paper weight in the form of a dead HP Mini 1001TU.

To be honest, this argument is getting lamer and lamer as I come to end this post and as of 2:24 AM, I'm beginning to have doubts on my decision.

True, I could've gotten an HP Broadcom 4321 card which sells at leat $5 less and comes with free shipping to the Philippines, then rebrand it as an AirPort Extreme card. But I thought I wanted an Apple card. Bummer....I should get some sleep.

EDIT: I can't boot up with this card. Tried taping pin 20 and only made things worse. I could however boot in Single User mode but that's about that. Looks like it's Php 1,048.78 (AirPort card & shipping) + Php 135 (post office fee) down the drain. Or down to the MSI Wind's guts. (Is my old netbook revenging on me for neglecting it in favor the HP Mini's?) 


Raymund said...

Hi, can the Apple Wifi card work alongside the stock HP311 Wifi card?


LeMaurien19 said...

^You mean you're using the stock 311 WiFi for bluetooth? Yeah, sure it can.

Raymund said...

Yup, that's what I meant. Thanks. Oh, BTW, I'm also from the Philippines...

LeMaurien19 said...

Nice to hear from a "kababayan" then :D

Elijah said...

I'm curious as to whether this card will work under windows. I'm planning on doing a dual hdd boot, and it would be nice to know so I can either remove the stock card, or leave it in.