26 March 2010


InsanelyMac has created a page specifically for Mac OS X on netbooks. In the couple of years or so, the platform has been a popular device for OSx86 scene.


For the want of having their own "mini hackbooks", individual developers created new or improve on previously existing OSx86 software, discovered new methods to be able to experience the slick computing experience that is Mac OS X, and by doing so, contributed immensely to the progress of the OSx86 "Hackintosh" community in the grander scheme.
While the prolific nature of the platform has caused the fortunate emergence of different PC/laptop makers offering their own flavor thereby making the devices more affordable via market competition, in terms of OSx86 Hackintosh activities, this has also led to more or less isolated factions of "MSI MacBook Winds", "Dell Mini MacBooks", "HP Mini MacBooks", "Lenovo MacBooks", "MacBook Eee's" - which is somehow unfortunate as development has also tended to be too brand specific.

I certainly think that "MyMacNetbook.com" is good start a convergence zone to unite all of us netbook hackintoshers.


jccw said...

Thanks for pointing that out, LeMaurien.

Elijah said...

Do you know if the chart for the HP Mini 311 is accurate? I thought the wifi was NOT working, and that the trackpad is working to some extent.

BIgBeluga said...

Stock wireless does not work with SL for the HPM311; it's flawless if you swap WLAN cards. I think the table would benefit from more granularity. Before the project thread was closed, the HPM311 thread used to look like this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=204542

In OSx86 land, there is a spectrum of functionality; perhaps they will change the chart to reflect this.

LeMaurien19 said...

It's something to bring up to Ed who's in charge of myMacNetbook

Rasika said...

mymacnetbook.com chart seems to be updated now with hp mini 311's wifi incompatibility.