19 March 2010

Gadget Lusty Friday

Today I've been made the proud pleased owner of a Nokia 5530, pleased not proud cause I went against my own vow not to own another Nokia mobile phone in my lifetime. But after wanting something all touch that's half the price of even a pre-owned iPhone selling in the local Philippines Mac User Group, I went and swiped the credit card. Again.
(Only now that I got home that I realized I was given the pink version of the phone. Though I'm perfectly proud to be a girl and have no aspirations of crossing over to the other side of the fence, I find it quite unnerving that people assume I like pink because I'm, well, a girl - Don't they ever think it'd be hard for me to sell the phone when I get tired of it someday?)
And then I also finally got my Apple AirPort N WiFi card from Hong Kong. It will go in that extra full height pci slot. I'm gonna upgrade my bios to F.14 and according to my sometimes know-it-all-won't-learn-a-lesson brain, I'm gonna attempt to prove the concept of using a non HP sanctioned hardware with a stock (non de-whitelisting bios).
Here's that precious parcel I got questioned about by my daddy dearest who had to cover the post office delivery fee (unlike in Makati where you have to get the parcel from the post office personally) which was Php 135. Now that I've to add to the sum for my acquiring this particular card.
I should've opted for a Dell half height card but then my running stock F.14 (which gives me finally a blue led light for the wireless switch - superfluous of me, isn't it?). But then I wouldn't have to cross my fingers and hope that those Apple U.fl antennas really deliver.
The Mini 1000 will get its WiFi card back tomorrow - after my rebranding it again with the original HP device ID's, that is. And then the Mini 311's stock combo WiFi/BT card will be put back to the half height PCI slot...
Gee, my BT will use the stock wireless antenna whose receptors are optimally placed around the screen while my new wireless N card's antenna will be anywhere but that place. And then I've really no idea why I bought a wireless N card when we only have a Belkin G WiFi router at home. Maybe when I go hang out at Starbs or my current fave, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf?
I don't think the barristas will be particularly excited when I ask them if they've wireless N to go with my café Americana.


Seb_or_Sam said...

Congrats on the new phone! And the AirPort card! :D

LeMaurien19 said...

Thanks Sam.
The bubbly happy feeling was short lived with the AirPort card however. It turned out Snow Leo won't complete booting up into the desktop when it's installed.
What's more weird is that I could very well boot into single user mode, command line.

LeMaurien19 said...

Erratum: Got it all working wonderfully now :)

Boliver said...

How did you get the airport card to work? I have the HP 311, and got snow leopard working great, except for wifi (i have the half sized broadcom 94312 chipset).

I would love to hear how you got your wifi working with the airport card.

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