28 October 2009

Take Root

This isn't about sudoing in Terminal but still has a lot to do with the OSx86 community which we all love; noobs and seasoned hackintoshers alike.

Remember Psystar? Yeah, those selling PC systems compatible with Mac OS X that they call "Open Systems". They're currently in a long run of a legal suite against Apple. But they're continuing to sell their stuff as the trial moves on in court; the latest offering being what we know as "Rebel EFI". You can download Rebel EFI which promises to make installing Mac OS X on any PC and as easily as it's done on real Macs. But to get the most out of it, you gotta shell out $50; it'll take out the 2-hour usage limit the company has locked Rebel EFI in. It says:
**Must have purchased authentication code to permanently  install**

Now what is Rebel EFI? From the looks of it, it most probably is a bootloader variant just like Chameleon, PC EFI, Boot Think, XPC, etc. Psystar says its based on DUBL - Darwin Universal Boot Loader which they developped.
Okay. Point in case.
But what's this?
And also this?
Really fishy.
FakeSMC is more open, in fact, than OpenSMC, me thinks.
But I do not wish to dabble in the controversy and burst into fits of passion for the burning love for OSx86 so I'm responding in a way I see more fit: buy Snow Leopard from Apple. (I've actually bought the retail DVD about a couple weeks back, ever since I've made my SL install on my MacBook Mini as stable as I could get it).

So that's $29 versus $50.

For only $21 more, I could have been "saved from the pain of installation hassles" like configuration coupled with patient researching on the net.

Hmmm. Really now?

I'd say I would not trade the hackintoshing lessons learned for only $21. My brain's more valuable than that.

Vive la communauté OSx86.

Mabuhay ang OSx86.


shawin said...

All you say is true. Without good guides as yours though, it wouldn't be easy for newbies.
Thanks a lot for the guide. Now I need one for my AMD-based PC.

LeMaurien19 said...

yeah, you're right. Hackintoshing can really be daunting at first. to psystar: source code please for anything in Rebel EFI that's derived from open source code. :)