21 October 2009

Time For A Real MacBook?

While this remains to be a hackintosh centric blog, I can't help but post the latest Apple announcement here.

Welcome the new MacBook:

image from Apple
It's still white as snow when new, changing to grimy grey-off-white hue when it gets older, polycarbonate material for the chassis but it's got another ace on its selling points list: unibody manufacturing technique for the enclosre.

So from there I guess, like its aluminum brothers, it starts off as a solid block of white polycarbonate plastic. . .and the rest is Apple history.


Time to get me a real MacBook? But I guess I'll miss hackintoshing then; it's a huge part of the reason (if not the sole reason) why I'm into Mac OS X.

Oh and there's also a new Apple mouse; the Magic Mouse

image from Apple
Tempting as it would make my relationship with MacBook Mini better.
Or not? How would a $299 (or $350 when newly launched by HP) netbook react with with $69 mouse?

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