23 October 2009

Gadget Lust (Again; for Nth time)

I should be saving. Really. Seriously.

I'm addicted to anything techie. Scratch that. I'm addicted to anything netbook and Mac OS X.

And I should be saving.

In the last 2 years - January 2008 to present; I've owned 4 netbooks: (1) the grand daddy of them all, Asus EeePC 701 - mine's got that extra PCI-e slot that weren't present in the preceeding versions of the same model; (2) Asus EeePC 900 in June of the same year (3) MSI Wind U100 September - 3 months after I got the 900 and then (4) my beloved HP Mini 1001TU in February this year 2009.

It's now 8 months with my current netbook and the longest "netbook relationship" I've been in. It's a proof of how generally satisfied I am as a netbook consumer with the HP brand. Now with all the new netbooks being announced - specifically ION drool-worthy goodness, my gadget lusting is back on its tracks.

I definitely want a new netbook. It's gotta be an HP Mini 311.

Well things aren't necessarily that super bright on the Mac OS X side of things for this new netbook (or can it still be considered a netbook?) from HP - WiFi card still won't work in Snow Leopard. However, I still remain positive at the prospect of things to come; the wireless module on the 311 is reportedly the same as that on the 110 which reportedly, again, works considerably well in Leopard.

I could live with Leo - I still do at home where I have my MSI Wind reverted back to it from Snow Leo cause my mom's Plants vs Zombies crashes in Snow when I transfer her preferences; she doesn't want to start from Level 1 after coming a long way and seeing that Sunflower give her a song and dance number on crazy Dave's roof. (I've been telling her to just quit PVZ and go Ranch Rush, but she stubbornly won't)

Or I could get a Snow compatible WiFi module - or perhaps swap my future Mini 311's (crossing my fingers there) WiFi card with my 1000TU's? Wicked.

But still, the point of the matter is that I love my HP.

Gotta prep that new credit card.

But I should be saving! Oh crap.

And BTW, HP didn't pay me to spill out all this love like a crazed fangirl, nope.


Samuel said...

Haha, I couldn't agree more. I have a hackintoshed Mini 1000, but still on 10.5.7, and I've been lusting for the new HP netbooks. Esp the 311. I really think HP makes the best netbooks. They're Apple-esque, have great keyboards, and run OS X very nicely. But I already have an EEE 900 and HP Mini 1000 :P

Nice blog btw. Keep the good work up.

LeMaurien19 said...

Thanks! Hope your Mini gets well soon. =)

Anyhow, I'm positively thrilled by news on the 311's hackintosh status:

WiFi's the only thing left to hurdle! Everything works pretty much OOB. Nice.