20 November 2010


I have been very busy lately and that's most probably how I'll be describing myself as for at least the next 2 months.

With loads of papers to write (all four of them due on the 4th of January next year, and if you must know, they're subjects from the Université de Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle, and the curriculum is in French) and PDF's to read - apparently that's how "high tech" the distance learning program is for DU ECDF (mp3's of actual class lectures, please?).

But anyway, it's no secret that I'd migrated to the "Root Installation" several days ago and then I've been doing what testing I could for a friend from the forums. Things weren't exactly what one would distinguish as components of a "controlled environment" for experiments. In short, my system could possibly be already a mess.

And it was acting up - hangs at "SMC not found" line. I should've taken a picture of my screen but it's something to that effect when I boot verbose. It's worse in graphical mode because all I could see was that grey Apple logo on a lighter grey backdrop and the spinning wheel continued to "spin", fooling me to think the system was still busy loading when in reality, it already went comatose on me. Frustrating in short.

The only way I could gain my Desktop again was to boot with -v -f flags. Which is not acceptable.

But I need this Mini MacBook Pro for school - to write those tons of papers in French. So in a desperate move to solve my predicament the fastest way I knew, I deleted the Extra folder from "/" and then fired up HF7c. I was back to EFI boot method.

When HF7c was created, I was still on 10.6.4 and I had to install PCEFI 10.6 in replacement of Chameleon RC4 in order to solve that ever annoying "blank screen on wake issue".

Guess what? I no longer had that problem after I re-installed HF7c. Puzzling.

Not really. I had upgraded to 10.6.5 several days ago and now I think that's got a lot to do with sleep/resume working fine on my system now. Am I just dreaming or has 10.6.5 + HF7c done the trick?


Barry said...

I think I tried HF7c with 10.6.5 the other day, and I swear I had the Sleep problem with 3GB RAM. I am not sure if I had the "Extra" folder still at /. I tried the Root Installation, but had errors. So I switched back to HF7c, but I may have forgotten to remove Extra.

Do you have Audio? I am messing with Audio now that I moved back. I guess I should try to remove Extra and the VodooHDA from S/L/E and reload HF7c and do a -v -f just to make sure it doesn't work before a reload. Everything worked with HF6, but I was interested in trying to new touchpad drivers.

Barry said...

So I tried it again, I am not have the same success that you are having with HF7c. I reinstalled it, and still no audio and sleep problem. I rolled back to HF6, and everything works perfect. Any ideas? I notice with HF7c I got really good battery life....did I lose that going back to HF6?

On a different note this blog is awesome! I was thinking about getting a new Air, but I love being able to keep my Mini and save money for other things.

Anonymous said...

keep a copy fakesmc.kext in S/L/E.
i had this prob when i upgraded to 10.6.4.
it seems that if you do anything funky in /extra (delete a kext, drop a dsdt.aml in it) and not repair her permissions before rebooting, its contents goes entirely ignored (yes, kexts + kext cache, dsdt edits and even the precious boot plist) the next time osx starts.
i really hate to say this but i find that i have only 10 kexts left in /extra, and have moved most of them to S/L/E (i use a modded apple950/integratedbuffer kexts, i think i recently moved sleepenabler too), since then have had less problems ever since.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah i forgot, i've gone with a root install ever since. no efi kung fu for me. my reason: recovery is much much simpler, and if all else fails and there's no apple bootdisk available, i could just plug my hard drive to a windows machine running mac drive and delete/paste kexts,edit plists or delete dastardly dsdts.

LeMaurien19 said...

The HP Mini 311 is a really weird machine then...

I hate that it's unpredictable and that user experience is a mixed bag all in all.

Yes, it's because Ghraphics chip power management was introduced in HF7. Ion was not managed properly before and it was firing on full throttle regardless of usage, thus sucking batt juice at a steady max pace.

Barry said...

I did notice playing a game last night that I thought it ran faster with HF7c vs HF6 on battery...which shouldn't happen if the driver is different. I want to retry HF7c today. I will try putting a copy of fakesmc in the S/L/C.

LeMaurien19 said...

If you run HF7c, after the installation, you should already have "FakeSMC.kext" in /S/L/E. It puts that in there automatically as part of the package so you have:

FakeSMC.kext (w/ temperature monitoring feature) and VoodooHDA.kext in /S/L/E.

The rest is in EFI's /Extra folder; notably "LegacyAGPM.kext" along with a new DSDT.aml appropriately edited for LegacyAGPM (graphics chip power management).

Note that HF7c uses the old ApplePS2Controller.kext that does not include the ApplePS2Trackpad as plugin - in short, the Alps trackpad functions as a PS2 mouse like back in HF6. But you do get sidescrolling.

AlexC04 said...

Hey there LeMaurien :) I've just this moment discoverd your Blog. My girlfriend is talking about buying me an HP1000 for Christmas (so I can make it into a Hackintosh).

Your guide will be invaluable! However, just off the top I've noticed you say you've abandoned your netbook recently?

Is there a different or higher performance netbook you'd recommend? The world of hackintosh is so new to me I'd like to see that I start off on the right foot :)

(Maybe the content of a new blog post? If you were buying a NB for christmas, which one would you get?)

LeMaurien19 said...

The Mini 1000 is a decent netbook. It isn't as great as the Mini 311 of course because the former lacks Ion. But then it's pretty good as a hackintosh, although during the remaining time I had with it, I could only get it updated to 10.6.2 anything higher and there were kinks here and there. DSDT I suppose but then I didn't have the patience nor the time to figure it out. But then I'm no DSDT guru...

What I think pushed me abandon the 1000 is its screen size. 10" probably wasn't what bothered me the most - it's the resolution 1024x600. You see, for OS X to be bearable, you've got to have at least a 768 vertical res or you have those windows' bottoms cut off.

If I had money to burn, I think I'd love to try my hands on an Asus netbook. The 1201N (not PN) looks good as a hackintosh, as well as the 1008HA. Now they're not really new netbooks but then newer ones have newer graphics chips that I'm not sure will work well with OS X.

Or maybe they could - if some wickedly cool hacker would make or maybe even have already made customized kexts for those graphics chips.

Barry said...

So far it looks like everything is working great. I did a HF7C install, and never worried about the EFI....but not sure if it was still there from before. I have audio, and everything works. The only thing I wish worked better was the battery notification. When my battery is almost dead it locks up with a whole bunch of text on the screen, like during bootup. So it takes a hard reset to restart it. Is this just me, or is this a know issue. It really doesn't bother me much, but if there was a fix I would play around with it more.

Great Blog!

Criminal Mastermind said...

can anyone please give me a complete guide to install SL 10.6 on my HP Mini 5101 ?

Cobus said...

> mp3's of actual class lectures, please?

I can record you lectures if you want.
It's the least I can do after all the help you provided installing OS X on my Mini 311c.

Please send your PDF files by e-mail if you need me.
You got my e-mail address : I wrote you on 2010-10-12 at 12:28 GMT (on your Gmail address).

Have a nice day !


Anonymous said...

Works for me like a charm. Sleep resume works fine! The only thing is the scrolling bar of the touchpad.

Got 10.6.2 up and running. Than combo update to 10.6.5. Then the HF7c installer. After I installed mowglibook pack 1.0 it suddenly worked...


Gerald said...


im now running on 10.6.5 and is running good so far, but im facing some problems now. Side scrolling on the touchpad doesnt work, the webcam wont give out a picture unless you are sitting right in the sunlight and im having cernel panics every now and then which pretty much makes it impossible to work on the mini.

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks alot!

Paul said...

OMG. How can you stand to do any amount of typing on your mini with the horendous touchpad jumping issues?? Certainly have more patience than I.

Not that anyone asked, but I'm still on 10.6.4 and HF6 and don't plan on upgrading. Last few times I did it broke sound half the time as well as never resumed from sleep. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" :D