10 November 2010

The Final Frontier

I guess not a lot of people are happy with the semi-manual installation (hey, you didn't have to fire up Terminal - if you take aside deleting the EFI partition, that is) that we're now pushing for the HP Mini 311 Darwin Project. For me personally, I find it no problem working with Lizard and dragging and dropping files to specified folders. I take that as a privilege even; not dependent on .pkg's that heaven knows what they do to your precious Mac OS X system, I know exactly what gets digested by my Mini MacBook Pro 11".

However, it is an undeniable reality that there are those who are just too lazy. They're not dimwits, no, not ever. I believe that it's laziness that's to be blamed 100% of the time when someone gets lost even with that oh so carefully written guide; too lazy to re-read, too lazy to delete a file that was specified to be deleted, too lazy to stay alert and watch out for that crucial moment in between the cold BIOS boot and the second Chameleon kicks in fully revved up, in order to get to that Chameleon boot menu. The list goes on and on and on. I know them well, because I'm the Queen of the Lazy bones.

So, inevitably there will always be a clamoring for automated .pkg's and for fear of EFI boot method coming back to haunt us all (I personally still boot EFI btw although I don't think you should, unless you want to provide tech support for your own self), there's gotta be another way to install to root...

And here comes Kappy to save the day. Apparently my brain cells are no match for the challenge of scripting - alright, I concede; I've been actually too lazy recently to really figure things out. Good thing Kappy is the exact opposite; both in terms of motivation and brain cell quality. :D

This is what I'll be testing out over the week. If this works out then this is a very wonderful news indeed.

And in light of this post's title, I was wondering how I should manage my blogs. I'm clearly excited to get my own domain and I do have a clear visual of how the content of savingforamac.com should be distinct from what's available here. But then my original plan was to restrict mymacbookmini.blogspot.com to official news on releases of HP Mini 311 Darwin Project and delegate everything else on to savingforamac.com. That said, this blog would contain only How-To guides and notifications - pretty much like your generic news edition - and so the writings will be devoid of my personal musings and opinions.

I've pondered about moving completely over to savingforamac.com and keeping this mymacbookmini.blogspot.com "open" as an archive/reference only. But then I didn't want savingforamac.com be flooded with tech support questions on HP Mini 311 Darwin Project because it's got less to do with that; it's gonna be my tech journal of sorts - using a hackintosh while waiting till I save enough to get a real MacBook, and my iPod touch (I'm psyched to finally get to hold it this December when my other aunt comes home for a vacay). In short savingforamac.com is my gadget lifestyle diary and mymacbookmini.blogspot.com  is sort of the "official" blog for HP Mini 311 Darwin Project.

Does that even make any sense at all?


Iperzampem0 said...

Yes, it make sense! ;)

Alan Ho said...

Thanks for your guide and I really find my 311 super fun to play with. But I now started to confuse about the fresh installation with Lizard. Is it preferable to remove EFI partition completely? as SL build it automatically in first install.
It would be a plus for me as I want 3 OS together and the EFI consumed 1 Primary Partition. Ultimately I would like to have win7 + SL + Linux + Data.

Which approach do you think is better for me to follow for the above set up?