11 November 2010

Mac OS X 10.6.5 Update Released

Apple has finally released 10.6.5 update for Snow Leopard yesterday, 10th of November. Fixes reliabilty with Microsoft Exchange servers and image processing in iPhoto and Aperture among other things.

As for HPM311DP, I am unfortunately unable to test the update hot off the grill; I'll be able to gain access to it this weekend, Friday night at the soonest.
UPDATE: Updated 10.6.5 smoothly. Retail Pack 1.0 (even EFI, HF7c) didn't pose any problem. 311 restarted and rebooted back to desktop without a kernel panic. Booting with install to root method (via Lizard) should work as flawlessly. I used the combo updater (1GB in size).

Per usual procedure, back up before you try out the update. However, I believe Retail Pack 1.0 is resilient to this new system update anyway.

The dmg file, for the delta version (for incremental update; 10.6.4 -> 10.6.5) is around 650 MB but the combo update (10.6.3 and earlier -> 10.6.5) is a hefty download of around 980 MB (1 GB almost).

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William said...

I will wait and see how the update runs on yours. Curious about the Final Frontier by the way.

pateras said...

hi,i have a problem,i updated my 10.6.4 compaq mini 700 (had installed the last update of NBI when i updated in 10.6.4) with 10.6.5 delta,after the update, it restarted ,i saw the netbook icon and it was going on and on and rebooting every time,i forced closing it and now it kp's at boot,i can only boot with my SD card inserted and choosing my mac install,if i do this it works fine!!!any ideas to resolve this? thanks

jccw said...

You said "back up before you try out the update."
Which reminds me that I would love to see a post by you as to how you do a sure-fire backup (and potentially a restore) before you start messing with the system. Especially since you're still using the EFI boot method.

LeMaurien19 said...

I'm afraid that I can't offer you any help. I no longer own an HP Mini 1000

Even if Apple keeps on touting Time Machine, I'd still say nothing beats Carbon Copy Cloner. :D

I've also got a 20GB external hard drive that contains a working basic installation of 10.6 which is bootable and has CCC in it.

Come time of need, I just boot up from that 20GB HD, connect my other hard drive containing my .dmg back up I've created with CCC and restore the image onto my 311's main HD.

You get the idea :D

Anonymous said...

looks like meklort's automagic voodoo is working.
i didn't upgrade yet, since i forgot to get the modded kernel from teateam (wait- i know meklort patches the vanilla one upon boot...i keep a copy of tea's kernel for you know, just in case. :))

martha said...

yeyyy ... update 10.6.5 on my hp mini 311 using retail pack 0.7 and working good

Reamer said...

Updated and with retail pack 1.0 and it is working great, but now I'm getting KP's when I resume from sleep if I boot graphical, it seems to be working if I boot verbose.
Thanks for the article!

Dornell said...

i'm on dual boot with win 7. how can i update my hp mini 311 to 10.6.5 without having a problem on my dual boot. i never used any retail pack. i just folliow your guides.

LeMaurien19 said...

If you followed one of my guides and you've started out with 10.6.4 (that's the last OS X version integrated in the latest version of the guide - I couldn't get time to update with all the school stuff I've got running), then you're using HF6. That's based on Retail Pack 0.9.

Actually, you can opt to stick to HF6. Just run 10.6.5 combo update and you're good to go. Of course, like what's logically advised, back up and create a USB Booter using a previous guide (what to do steps 4 -7).

Dornell said...


Dornell said...

I updated my hp 311 to 10.6.5 but after i restarted it turns out blue screen after the apple logo on boot. do you have any idea and what will i do. tnx!

Dornell said...

Is it possible to re install again the mac os 10.6.4 without repeating the guide (dual boot guide). then i will use the 10.6.5 combo update rather than the 10.6.4 and use the hf7c rather than the hf6.