01 November 2010

Kernel Panics (Related to Sleep) on the New Fall 2010 MacBook Airs

Indeed for HP/Compaq Mini 311(c) owners who've hackintoshed their "little big netbooks" (little on CPU performance because of the Atom but big on the graphics with the NVidia Ion chip), it feels as if they've been using prototypes for the 11.6" MacBook Air all along.

Same 11.6" screen dimension.

Same 1366 x 768 pixel density.

Same WiFi 802.11n - ok, I did get a better mini PCI wireless card than the stock one of the Mini 311 :-p

Same Bluetooth 2.1+EDR - comes with the stock combo BT/WiFI card.

And when I say "same" I do not mean "exactly the same" hardware so before any rabid Apple apple fanboy or fangirl (I'm admittedly included in that demographic) flame me, I'm only saying the experience is similar with the word "same" and not that it's exactly it, 100% photocopy of the MacBook Air. Prototype hello??

And now looks like there's also one more thing and this one, I'd say could've been directly imbued from the HP Mini 311 hackintosh:

Kernel Panic on wake from sleep.

Yep, the image above is reportedly the picture of CultOfMac's Leander Kahney's 11.6" MacBook Air and according to the post on that site
"he's seen three of these (kernel panics) within four days. All occurred during wake-from-sleep"
 Same kernel panics. I'm referring to the same hassle of having whatever you're doing interrupted and having to turn off the machine to get back to normal (hopefully) rather than the same Kernel Panic cause of course.

Plus we have the kernel flag "debug=0x100" so instead of the usual Kernel Panic grey box containing the instruction to force shutdown the machine in different languages, we have a detailed verbose recounting of the panic as seen on the image at the very top of this post.

Wow! Hahaha


Anonymous said...

core2duo + Nvidia GeForce 320M > atom + 9400M ION. this is important for BR freaks and iMovie geeks.
solid state drives = hell yeah
no sd card slot = wtf, apple?
100% support from apple so you don't have to mess with your kexts -> okay this one takes the cake.

still, i made a promise to myself to get a real mac when lion comes out. them macbooks are becoming more affordable as time passes. or am just getting tired of rebuilding my permissions everytime i screwup an upgrade.:)

LeMaurien19 said...

I'm not trying to say the Mini 311 is better than the 11 MBA, doh :D

Just saying that they do have similarities ...which goes upto the Kernel Panics lol.

I'm planning to get a 11" MBA with 4GB which will be my next computer purchase. No more netbook craze for now and until I get my own MBA. Too bad it's still vaporware where I am.

Yaroslav Fedevych said...

Let's hope that when Apple addresses the issue with the new MBAs, it will fix it for HP 311, too. Automagically. Maybe, with some DSDT voodoo.

But instead of buying the new MBA, I would go with 2008ish Macbook Pro, or the previous-gen white Macbook (the one with Firewire 400 port). These were the last ones Apple did right. Things kinda went downhill from there.

Anonymous said...

Too bad they gave out on the old powerPC processors... those were RISC machines and far superior to x86 clones.