18 December 2010

AirPort Utility 5.5.2 and a Few Others

Ran Software Update and here's what I found:
I'm particularly interested in the AirPort Utility update. Any improvement is welcome.

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Argento said...

First, millions of thanks for your guides, are extremely useful! Now you do if you can answer a question: I have two connected by wifi Hack (I have not changed the motherboard, I have a dlink usb wi W150) internet works perfectly on both machines, but when transferring files between them just makes it a 1 meg per second I tried to move from smb afb but still very low transfer.

Another thing I've experienced is that upgrading to 10.2 is beta flash den 1080 p youtube videos perfectly, but when you play hulu megavideo or 480 that are best, in full screen lowers the fps to 10 when a 1080 hd is 30 fps, so it is a flash problem, someone had a similar experience?

Saludos desde Argentina!