19 December 2010

Early Christmas Present

Aside from my new iPod touch 4th gen, that is.

Last Friday, I just got my results for the DALF C1 and C2 exams I took last October 14 and 15 this year.
I passed both exams! :-)

But there's something weird though....my DALF C2 scores are higher than my DALF C1 when C2 is supposed to be the more difficult of the two.

DALF C1: 71.50 / 100
> Production écrite: 19 / 25
> Production orale: 21.50 / 25

DALF C2: 76.00 / 100
> Examen oral (no longer sub-divided in C2): 39 / 50

I took DELF B1 five years ago, when I was still an undergrad, taking up European Languages (Major French, Minor Italian) at the University of the Philipines, Diliman and my score was better:

DELF B1: 87.50 / 100

With my Production écrite: 24 / 25
and my Production orale: 24 / 25

I guess I slacked off between those "wonder years" and now? I think so...

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Geoff said...

Just wanted to congratulate you. I know you work hard, both on school and the mini project, and I'm pretty impressed that you can manage both of them along with whatever stresses life normally brings. Good hustle!