09 May 2010

Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on the HP Mini 1000

UPDATE (09/03/2010): There were still issues with 10.6.3 and I never go to sort them out. Now, I no longer have my HP Mini 1000 with me. My recommendation is to stick with 10.6.2 at the highest version with this guide for best results.

I admit that I've been neglecting the HP Mini 1000, my very first MacBook Mini. It was borked out for a period of time and was just recently resurrected from the land of the dead. But I still haven't played with it for quite a while - never had the patience to figure why it wouldn't sleep in 10.6.3.

Good thing a forumer named lollipop from the myhpmini.com Mac OS X forums has been keeping the "project" alive (I'm now used to calling Mac OS X efforts on specific netbook builds as "projects" because of the HP Mni 311 Darwin Project). It'a very good guide for updating to 10.6.3 but we can take it another route; EFI Boot.

To understand why the obsession with EFI boot method, click here; also aside from being EFI, with this guide, we won't be using any modified/hacked mach_kernel as we're gonna use a version of Chameleon bootloader that auto-patches the kernel for us on the fly during boot up.

This means we can get our Mini 1000's Atom processor pass of as valid Mac Intel procies for use with Mac OS X and avoid the dreaded "boot loop" while using original mach_kernel - one less thing to worry about in future updates.

So without further ado, here's Snow Leopard 10.6.3 on the HP Mini 1000 à la LeMaurien19 :D

What You Need:
1. USB flashdrive or external hard drive - at least 8GB
2, .Snow Leopard Retail DVD (dmg or .iso or .cdr)
3. A working Mac or hackintosh
4. NetbookBootMaker 0.8.3 (we're still using v0.8.3 because 0.8.4 is still in Release Candidate version)
5. MacOSX10.6.2ComboUpdt.dmg (we're NOT using the v1.1 update as that version may cause WiFi probs more this only refers to connection quality issues, if your Mini does not have a Snow Leo compatible card, this unrelated to that) *Apparently, 10.6.3 Combo Update which is not v1.1 is no longer available, please update to 10.6.2 first and then update again to 10.6.3 again later if you insist on getting the non v1.1 10.6.3 update
6. HP Mini 1000 EFI Auto Setup for 10.6.3 (HP Mini 1000 EFI Auto Setup for 10.6.3 is compatible with 10.6.2)

What To Do:
A. Create your bootable USB installer:
  1. With your USB drive plugged in and a copy of an image of Snow Leo Retail DVD handy, launch Disk Utility which can be found in Applications > Utilities.
  2. Click on USB drive from the list at the left panel and format it as "Mac OS Extended Journaled". You can name it anything you want but for this guide, we're gonna name it "SnowDVD"
  3. Click on the "Restore" tab. You should see 2 fields on that tab's panel: "Source" and "Destination". Drag the "SnowDVD" volume you just formatted and drop it to "Destination" box. Drag the "Snow Leopard Retail DVD" to "Source" box.  (If the Snow Leopard Retail DVD image is not listed at the left panel of Disk Utility, simply drag it to that panel)
  4. Uncheck option "Erase destination" (so as not to overwrite name "SnowDVD" for the USB) and then click on Restore button. If Disk Utility gives an error message, it's most likely that the Snow Leopard Retail DVD image has not been scanned for restore.  You scan the image by high-lighting the image from the left panel list, then on Disk Utility's menubar, click on Images > Scan Image for Restore... 
  5. Once Snow Leo Retail DVD has been restored onto the USB drive, launch NetbookBootMaker and apply it to "SnowDVD" volume.                                                                     We're almost done but we have to do one thing more to make the installation process smooth.
  6. Press Command+Shift+G and go to location "/Volumes/SnowDVD/System/Installation/Packages". Delete "OSInstall.pkg" and rename "OSInstall.pkg.orig" into "OSInstall.pkg" - just delete the ".orig" portion of the filename. You now have a bootable USB installer.
B. Install Snow Leopard on the HP Mini 1000
  1. With the bootable USB Installer plugged into one of the USB ports, turn on the HP Mini 1000 and press on F9 to get to the boot menu.
  2. Choose your USB device from the list and press Enter.
  3. You will get to the Mac OS X Installer program; after choosing your language, go to the menubar and click on Utilities > Disk Utility
  4. Look at the left panel and click once on your Mini 1000's internal hard disk to highlight it. And then, at the right panel, click on Partition. You should click once on the main topmost drive icon for this to work, and not on any sub volume/partition.                 
  5. For "Volume Scheme" choose "1 partition". For "Volume Information", name it "Macintosh HD" (like in real Macs :D). For "Format" choose "Mac OS Extended Journaled".
  6. Click on "Options..." button below Volume Scheme block and in the dialog sheet that will appear, choose "GUID partition table". Click on OK.
  7. Back at the main Disk Utility window, click on "Apply" button at the bottom to format your hard drive, ready for Snow Leopard. 
  8. Once done, quit Disk Utility.app and proceed to Snow Leopard installation. Choose your newly formatted "Macintosh HD" as installation drive. You can also customize which packages get to be installed by clicking on the "Customize" button. At this point, you know what to do. :D
  9. The entire installation will take quite a while - take a walk, watch TV, get some coffee - you can leave your machine while it installs OS X but remember to have it plugged to electric source to avoid battery draining out before the install finishes. Also at the end of installation, you'll get an "Installation Failed" error message. This is normal, it just means the hard drive is not bootable - yet well get to that later. But Snow Leopard is indeed installed on your hard drive, don't worry, so just ignore the error message and restart your machine.
C. Initial Boot, Updating to 10.6.3 and EFI Setup
  1. With your bootable USB installer still plugged in, turn the HP Mini 1000 and press F9 choose the USB from the boot devices list and press Enter to boot from it.
  2. Press any key before "SnowDVD" gets automatically booted up. You'll notice that a "Macintosh HD" has been added as bootable volumes. Use arrow key to highlight "Macintosh HD" and press Enter to boot it up.
  3. You'll get into the Mac OS X setup assistant page. Create your User Account as you would on any Mac. At some point, you maybe asked to setup your network, just click on "My computer uses different setting/connects differently" and choose "My computer does not connect to the internet" in the meanwhile. You can configure your network later.
  4. Once logged in at the desktop, run the MacOSX10.6.3ComboUpdate installer. You will prompted to restart but DO NOT RESTART YET.
  5. Run the HP Mini 1000 EFI Auto Setup for 10.6.3. After that's done, you may now restart your machine.
Congratulations on your new Mini MacBook Air (I had the smbios.plist make your Mini 1000 disguise as a MacBook Air 2,1).

If you get a kernel panic after restarting from C.5, just shutdown your machine and restart again.

What you may notice that the machine may not be able to restart after C.5 when you click on shutdown or restart option. Don't worry, this is fixable. 

Download UpdateEFI v1.3 and click on "Basic Changes". Open a Finder window and click on the "EFI" disk at the sidebar, digg through the folders until you reach /Volumes/EFI/Extra/Extensions. The kexts responsible for shutdown/restart/reboot functionality are:
  1. OSXRestart.kext
  2. EvoReboot.kext
  3. OpenHaltRestart.kext
You can experiment with a combination of these kexts or just replace OSXRestart and EvoReboot with OpenHaltRestart. Click on Finish button on UpdateEFI to update the contents of the EFI partition.

Actually, shutdown/restart is something that is known to be an issue for the HP Mini 1000 since before 10.6.3. What's most important is that there's now finally a resolution to sleep and speedstep after sleep issues.

Will update this post once I figure out the shutdown/restart.

Shutdown/Restart is working fine.


pateras said...

hi,i would like to ask you this,i have everything working on my compaq mini 700 (i think that it has the same configuration with the hp 1000 series)except of sleep.i have used the files that i have posted on my guide here (it was based on your older guide): http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=198559
used sleepenabler.kext and lid.kext from meklort and NBI 0.84 rc1 and the DSDT posted in the guide; do you think i have to use your new DSDT for the 1000 and add the EvOreboot.kext ,and use the efi auto setup or i will kill my install?do i have to use efi auto setup or its not needed because i used meklort's auto patcher?

jason said...

Have you been successful in getting 3 finger gestures to work? For "BACK" and "FOWARD" in internet browsing specifically? Or even 4 finger gestures (i.e expose, show desktop)

Just curious.

Also, do you have a guide for UPGRADING to 10.6.3 rather than a fresh install guide?

LeMaurien19 said...

Well, if you got your HP Mini up and running with Snow Leo using EFI boot (used all those versions of "Snow Leopard EFI Boot Revamped" that I wrote on this blog and copied over to MyMacBookMini.com), you can just skip everything and start with part C.4 of this guide.

CliffordBlodgett said...

I am so glad you took the time to do this, I appreciate it so much and look forward to completing. When going through I noticed you can't go from the commercial version of snow leopard to 10.6.3 - Would you recommend installing 10.6.2 and then 10.6.3 and then running the EFI setup?

CliffordBlodgett said...

Runs great... but no wireless. Any help?

LeMaurien19 said...

What's model do you have?

Broadcom 4315 should work - the ones found in Mini 1000's (mine's a Mini 1001TU to be precise, wifi works). Those found in 110's are unfornutaly incompatible with Snow Leopard.

As for 10.6.3 retail discs, you can try meklort's site for the appropriate NetbooBootMaker version to use with creating your USB Installer - that one's compatible with 10.6.3

CliffordBlodgett said...

I have a HP Mini 1010NR with a 32GB HDD.I tried all the work arounds and nothing. I have gone through this enough to know when you first install the OS you can turn Airport on, even though you say not to and download the updates. After they are installed and you run HP Mini 1000 EFI Auto Setup for 10.6.3, the Airport does not work.

Also your instructions are flawed because when you do it by the way you say to you can't just install OSX update 10.6.3. You have to install, 10.6.2 and in order to do that you have to install 10.6.1.

I appreciate all of the time you have spent so far on this. I am so close and I think that is why I am frustrated. I tried rewriting the kext code, reinstalling the kext and all of the stuff on the merklots and other places says to do to get the Broadcom 4315 driver installed. But the Airport just won't turn on. I even bought an external wireless USB Wifi connection and cannot get it turned on, so I am thinking it is something completely different.

Any help would be totally appreciated, love the blog and appreciate your feedback thus far. I also will see if I am able to connect via direct plugin, just have to find a cable somewhere!

Shaun said...

Hi I read your blog when I first turned my HP Mini 1030nr(I named it wiki) into a Mac, and it was amazing! I used the netbookmaker route, and it worked liked you said with everything online except sleep and mic.

So I come to this blog entry, and I am excited that you say everything (incudling SLEEP!) works with the 10.6.3 update! Unfortunately I did not have as successful of a run this time. Although some of the blame could be pointed at me.

First, I used the boot disk that I made from the first time I hackintoshed Wiki using the netbookmaker .8.2. I didn't want to make a new boot disk because I don't have the install DVD with me, I borrowed mine from a friend. Could I just run netbookmaker 8.3 on the boot disk I made using 8.2? and does having this difference in version change the outcome of the install?

The other thing that might have screwed it up was that the download link to the apple update is not the combo update. the only combo update they have online for 10.6.3 now is the v.1.1, not the older combo install that it seems you were able to use. could you supply that install to us? maybe that could do the trick. I was relegated to using the v.1.1 even tho you said NOT to, hehe. you said it MAY affect the wifi, so I took the chance... It did affect the WIFI!

So it turns on and the mouse and keyboard work, but I have no airport. Also I tried the sleep function by both closing the lid, and manually activating it. It seems to go to sleep for a second and comes back on.

Anyhow, let me know if you have any ideas on how to make it work! Thanks in advance and thank you again for getting Wiki to at least 10.6!

LeMaurien19 said...

Well, the guide should be flawed - after all it's only tested on my own HP Mini 1001TU.

But everything you guys read here are just personal accounts of how I did stuff on my Mini. I don't expect it to work 100% exactly the way it did on my machine on other Mini's (of different model no. than 1000/1001TU).

I'm just hoping people who read it could at least have an idea of where to start - a detail/technique - a tiny bit of what's in the guide that they can find useful in their own search for a resolution to their hackintosh issues.

LeMaurien19 said...

I give you the permission to hang me on a tree but I just gotta say this - I don't like NetbookMaker/Netbook Installer much.

But that's because I prefer EFI where I have total control over what happens to my system - where those additional kexts, boot files, com.apple.Boot.plist, Extensions.mkext, essentially OSx86/hackintosh stuff, are all located in one place - that is the 200 MB EFI partition in my GUID partitioned hard drive. That said, you must've already correctly guessed that I find that "ramdisk" created by NBI very creepy indeed.

But since you use NBI, I assume you know how to tweak your system running on it, so, I suggest you get Pacifist, extract the kexts, dsdt.aml etc. from the package installed linked in this post and install that in NBI.

As for 10.6.3 combo v1.1 - what I meant by it screwing up wifi is that I experience dropped connections on my Mini 311 with an Apple AirPort Extreme wireless N installed.

Your wifi issues could be cause by missing dev ID's in Brcm43xx kext plugin in the 10.6.3 version of IO80211Family.kext - well that is IF you DO have the same stock broadcom 4312 HMG that is compatible with Snow Leopard (not the newer lower-power ones). The specific broadcom 4312 HMG I have is actually recognized as a Broadcom 4315 by Mac OS X Snow Leo.

LeMaurien19 said...

P.S. You can try using the IO80211Family.kext from the package installer (again, extract it using Pacifist) or perhaps google up a Broadcom43xxInjector kext.

LeMaurien19 said...

P.S. You can try using the IO80211Family.kext from the package installer (again, extract it using Pacifist) or perhaps google up a Broadcom43xxInjector kext.

LeMaurien19 said...

Oh and I don't think there's a diff between 0.8.2 and 0.8.3 in relation to creating a bootable USB installer for the Mini 1000. It's just that 0.8.3 is the most recent version of NetbooBootMaker that worked for me - you see I tried 8.4 RC1, but it caused my hackintoshed MSI Wind to Kernel panic when I tried applying it my restored Snow Leo USB drive.

Shaun said...

Thanks! I will have to give it a go when i have some time this weekend. I will let you know how it goes hackintosh master!

Anonymous said...

@Shaun - Please let me know if you have any luck.

@Le Maurien - I just went through the EFI process and found that my Wifi also won't start up. The strange thing is that it has worked before both on a previous (pre-EFI) hackintosh install, and also during the install process (downloaded the 1.1 update using the HP). So it's likely something in one of the EFI kexts?? Is there a way to roll-back to a previous version?

Also, while I'm here I wanted to ask how I can install a Japanese keyboard onto the install. I'm out in Tokyo and picked up an HP locally. Everything is the same except the keyboard. I have installed the JIS keyboard in OSX but it still thinks it's a US keyboard. Any ideas?

Finally, thanks for all your efforts to put these guidelines up. Much appreciated!!

LeMaurien19 said...

To those having WiFi issues (TAKE NOTE: WiFi was already working in Snow Leopard BEFORE update/EFI installation).

Use this Broadcom4315Injector.kext.

Install it in EFI using Dalton's Update EFI v1.3 applet.

Once EFI partition is mounted, go inside the Extra/Extensions folder and detele IO80211Family.kext, this will be replaced by the Broadcome4315injector.kext.

Click OK and let Update EFI rebuild your mkext. This will take a considerable amount of time as the mkext (kextcache) is built from all kexts found in /System/Library/Extensions plus those in /Extra/Extensions inside the EFI partition. Oh and btw, the mkext is placed inside EFI > Extra.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Working like a charm again! Big big Thanks!

I'm trawling through Japanese hackintosh pages not to try to find a keyboard solution...

But you also mention in the instructions above that there's finally a solution to the sleep issue... Did I miss it? Mine still won't sleep...

Anonymous said...

FYI for anyone else that's looking... there are some instructions in Japanese here (http://msyk.net/macos/winkeyboard/) which get you 80% of the way there for a JIS keyboard on the HP. The buttons to change kana input still don't work, but at least all the punctuation and symbols are in the right place.

LeMaurien19 said...

You used the package installer from this guide, right?

Then go into Terminal (Enter after each line):
$ sudo -s
$ pmset -a hibernatemode 0
$ rm /var/vm/sleepimage

Restart your Mini. Try putting it to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Thanks LeMaurien. I tried that tonight and got to the third line when it told me that there's no such file or directory. I followed the guide you provided to the letter and haven't done anything outside of the box.

I tried rebooting anyway, but still no joy. Just the normal popping and whirring of drives, with no sleep.

LeMaurien19 said...

That is odd.

At this point, I can only think of the dsdt.aml as responsible.

On my Mini 1001TU, the dsdt works fine. Normally, Mini 1000 "clones" like the Compaq 700 can use this dsdt.aml and have sleep.

hibernatemode 0 (disable "User secure virtual memory") + dsdt.aml would normally cut it.

If it's not working for you, I think we don't have the same Mini 1000 after all - or at least yours is not a Mini 1000, or that it's a newer release and hence, the hardware difference although it's branded as a "1000".

Kaer said...

Thanks LeMaurien for the guide. It works great on my mini 1012TU. I had to use the broadcom4315injector as listed in the comments though.

Currently, only 3 things not working:

1) WWAN card
2) Internal MIC
3) Sleep!

Any tips / guides on how to resolve this issue? I thought sleep was working on this version but when I tried, either via command or closure of lid, makes no difference.

LeMaurien19 said...

Great! Glad you've got stuff working.

1)I've no idea about the WWAN card cause I don't have it on mine.
2)You can try experimenting with releases of VoodooHDA or dsdt.aml hacking (i.e. pin config for the HDEF audio device + AppleHDA.
3)Sleep is largely effected by dsdt.aml - could really vary from machine to machine, even those in the same range or of the same model.

As for 2), I admit I'm perhaps too lazy to figure that out so I'm happy with my iPhone 3GS earbuds w/ mic - it works by the way.

lmwong said...

when I press "any key before snowdvd boots up" I only still see "SnowDVD" and a blank harddrive, no Macintosh HD. When I select the blank HD, I just get boot: prompt. Am I missing something?

LeMaurien19 said...

Did you even get to install Snow Leo at all?

The blank disk means there's nothing in there - it's not detecting any installation.

lmwong said...

I did install per your guide and got the error in installation at the end like you said.

One difference was I did not have an OSInstall.pkg.orig to rename, so I did not delete the OSInstall.pkg. Maybe I'll try installing from scratch again.

lmwong said...

Hey, everything works. I don't know what I did differently, but everything seems to be working (sound, cam, wifi, BT, trackpad, sleep, shutdown, etc). Thank you for posting your guide! Using retail SL EFI boot is SO much better than iDeneb method.

Any tips on how to quite the fan on the HP1000?

Andris said...

On my mini 700 os x installs itself, but when it gets almost to the end of the installing process, it stops and never finishes. Any ideas? Bios update or something? Thx

LeMaurien19 said...

^OSInstall.pkg and OSInstall.pkg.orig

> NetbookBootmaker puts in its own custom OSInstall.pkg and renames the original one as .pkg.orig. This would normally work on Dell Mini's (which NetbookBootmaker is originally made for) and has issues on other netbooks, like HP ones.

Make sure you restore that OSInstall.pkg.orig as "OSInstall.pkg" which will be used in the installation.

Todd said...

Hello Everyone.

I just done install the OSX on my hp mini 1000 netbook. Before i update the 10.6.3, it was working fine just no audio. but i follow this guide and update it to 10.6.3 and now i got the panic kernel alarm. now the only way i can boot to the system is using the usb EFI instead of internal hard drive. In the guide at C.5 .... he mention that i can use the updateEFI V1.3.... but how do i run this program since i am not able to boot into the desktop normally? ... do anyone here know how to do it... please let me know, i am stuck here...


Ronald said...

hi, i'd like to try installing mac os to my hp mini, but:
1. my hp mini is 100-1013TU, i don't think it can be upgraded to 2 gb RAM, does it still can work?
2. i don't know anyone who have a Mac, how can i make a bootable USB installer?

thank you for the answers..

LeMaurien19 said...

You may wanna try installing iDeneb v1.3 first. That should give you a working Leopard system and then, when you've made your tools, you can proceed with this installation guide.

If you have external usb keyboard, mouse, and DVD drive. Try using Empire EFI to boot off a Snow Leopard Retail DVD disc.

gurgle said...

hey great guide! Many thanks for your continued effort on this!

I've had much the same experience as Paul has described above - wifi working pre 10.6.3, no wifi after latest update, fixed using the broadcom4315injector kext.

I too still cant get sleep to work, even with the terminal commands LeMaurien19 posted for Paul to try. Still no solution to this in sight?

gurgle said...

couple things i've noticed since upgrading to 10.6.3 - exposé is jerky/stuttery and the fans no longer slow down (stop?) as the computer cools.

Both kinda suck, anyone else having these problems or is it just me?

LeMaurien19 said...

^most likely it's because you haven't updated your Extensions.mkext.

Use UpdateEFI and choose OS update.

shotwithanslr said...

I was able to install OSX 10.6.3 on my HP Mini 1035nr, but can't get it to boot from the hard drive, direct from the HDD I get:

boot0: done
boot1: error

If I try to load the HDD through Chameleon, I get a kernel/cpu mismatch. Do you have any thoughts on how I can correct this?

LeMaurien19 said...

boot0: done
boot1: error
=> means the bootloader was not installed properly

If you're getting a KP, then it could be an incompatibility among the kexts in /Extra/Extensions.

The most important thing with a system update is to rebuild the Extensions.mkext. 10.6.3 installs a new mach_kernel - "10.6.3 version", if you will. So if you didn't update your Extensions.mkext before restarting the machine after an update, that will cause a problem.

Devin said...

Thanks for the guide. One problem I am having is that the "HP Mini 1000 EFI Auto Setup for 10.6.3" does not download from mediafire. When I click on it it goes to a blank page and does nothing else. I have tried in multiple browsers. I opened a mediafire account and saved it to the account files, but it does the same when I click on the hyperlink from within the account. The other file saved on mediafire downloaded fine. Would you mind re-saving the setup file and posting a link. I think the original link may have been broken.

shotwithanslr said...


Thanks for your help....

I am up and running now with the Mini OSX 10.6.3 and my girlfriend is back to getting the attention she deserves!

성욱 said...

I have installed SL 10.6 & so on then finally I'm in 10.6.3.
All works fantastically, except sleep won't work at all
Not so bad...

But I have problem now.
I installed iPhoto and it looks good. But, I CANT SEE A PHOTO :(((((

And I can't see a image( jpeg, bmp something [pdf or ppts can be viewed] ) in Preview app.

Help me!!!!!

(I think it is because of GMA950 driver something)

성욱 said...


I read comments above and Launch "Update EFI" then click "OS Update".

THX For help LeMaurien:)
My Macbook mini Always love u

Images showing again:)

I learned a lesson>

gurgle said...

hey thanks, the OS Update solved the Exposé problem i had, but im still finding that the fans seem to run more than they did under 10.6.2. In room temps with the system at 97% idle the CPU temp doesn't tend to fall below 43˚C, and thus it seems the fans stay on full most of the time. Yeah this may seem a bit petty but as i cant get sleep to work, the fans running all night tends to get bloody annoying!
Anyone else seeing this?

Ryan G said...

I have the HP Mini 1000-1151NR. I used this guide with the Retail 10.6.3 disc and NetbookBootMaker 0.8.4RC1.

Install got all they way to about 95% with 8mins left and just hung there. System was responding. I rebooted with USB and selected MacHD.

At first boot I ran the HP MINI 1000 EFI Auto Setup. Rebooted with everything working except WiFi. Trying LeMaurien suggestion on 5/23/10 but I got a kernel panic. I didn't update EFI correctly. DO NOT use the Update tools on your hard drive, install the program he mentions and look in your Applications directory. Where it says make changes and UnMount...don't hit ok til you've made your changes, and don't unmount. the program will do the unmounting. WORKED GREAT! thanks

Ran a couple of updates, airport, itunes, java. Did not update to 10.6.4 yet. Got a KP about audio on reboot. Just a one time deal. Dunno how i fixed it.

Overall, GREAT guide, THANKS sooo Much everyone!

-=Tamjee=- said...

Hi to all, i have an HP Mini 110 (1130SL) and this is my experience:
Installed 10.6.3 Retail via USB using NBI 0.8.4RC1, like Ryan G hung up at about 95% with (In my case) 11 Mins left, rebooted and the system work like a charm.
Installed 10.6.4 combo update (Installer said "Install Failed" but works!)
Rebooted and using my iPhone with USB cable run "Software Update" and update EVERYTHING was available, rebooted and the system work like a charm.
So, at this point, installed this (http://www.meklort.com/?p=262) NBI 0.8.4.RC, and as usual hung up when creating DSDT.aml file, so, reinstalled unchecking "Generate specific DSDT.aml" and this way installed succesfully.
Ath this point i have working all except:
Fixed Sleep using SleepEnabler from this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php/t196466-50.html
I have 10.6.4 with all the updates... FANTASTIC!!!
Now... at this point i have two things that won't work:
WiFi (I'm going CRAZY!!!)
And after all this tries my iPhone was not recognized anymore as a network interface and cannot use for USB tethering... but this a minor problem... the hell is the WiFi!
When i try wrong kext i got KP and i must restart all from scratch!!!
I hope someone can use my experience for something, and i hope someone can help me with WiFi.
Sorry for my @#?! english!

Ryan G. said...

@Tamjee -
Wifi won't ever work for you because you have the 110's wifi card. You will need to swap it for the wifi card in a hp mini 1000. My card says "BCM94312HMG" on it.

I'm not able to play avi files with VLC or divx. I'm also starting to wonder if Quartz is working. My hunch is no. Anyone else having this issue?

fuyichin said...

My case here. HP mini 1000 (1001TU), I upgrade from 10.6.1 to 10.6.3, following the guide above, started from step C4.

After upgrade WiFi (AirPort), Sleep not working.

WiFi already solve by installing Broadcom4315Injector.kext.

But Sleep still not working. Originally the system don't sleep, but after I installed SleepEnabler.kext, it sleep, but it doesn't wake up.

I think the system did wake up, but there is no display (just blank). I press the on/off switch and press ENTER, the system shutdown.

Any help? (It was working on 10.6.1 before I upgrade to 10.6.3)

bksnbriefs said...

Hi LeMaurien19!

Merci on an awesome guide. I would second fuyichin's remarks. I am having the exact same issue with the Mini waking-up to a blank screen. Everything else seems to be on.

I am so close to a perfect Macbook Mini .... hope you can get it across the finish line.

LeMaurien19 said...

^Actually, I'm afraid I can't follow through with 10.6.3 (nor with 10.6.4).

So my advice would be to stick with 10.6.2 on the HP Mini 1000.

bksnbriefs said...

LeMaurien19 ... thank you for the effort! You've helped me out so much.

Anonymous said...

Great guide!!!
Thank you for all of your hard work.

3 Comments/Questions.
1) Step C4-5 how do you launch HP Mini 1000 EFI Auto Setup if the MacOSX10.6.XComboUpdate is still running at a 'restart' button?
2) You're link to UpdateEFI v1.3 is actually a link to KextUtility v2.4.2 not to UpdateEFI v1.3
3) I found UpdateEFI v1.3 at another site, but where can I find the KEXT files that you mention at the end of the guide?


LeMaurien19 said...

1) Don't click on "Restart". Go open a Finder windows to locate where you have the HP Mini 1000 EFI Auto Setup pkg and double click it. After that has finisished installing, restart.
2) Thanks for pointing out the wrong link - I'll update once I have time.
3) Google them :D or one good kext repository site is kexts.com.

Anonymous said...

1) I tried that, but it just took me to the instance of installer that was running for the combo updater.

Everything is working except for shutdown and sleep. They both shutdown the display, but the fans keep spinning. I have to hold the power button.

If I boot off of the USB I used to isntall (like C1 and C2) and select shutdown, then it works correctly. Does that mean that the USB is loading a kernel extension that would properly shutdown and I just need to use EFI Updater to load/reload that kext to my install? Any idea which KEXT is repsonsible for shutdown?

Thanks for the reply. You're guide is amazing and I've never been happier with my HP Mini (this is so much better than XP ever was!!!!)

insaineyesay said...

I just want to say, out of all the methods that I've tried over and over, this one is the easiest one out there by far!
Using the NBM/NBI method, i had nothing but problems, even though it somehow magically worked one time, while i was trying to restore the sleep function, i made everything crash and had to start over. Using this method makes me want to slap myself after spending days and days reinstalling OSX.

It worked like a charm, and the airport fix worked just as easily. Thank the 'lord of mac' for this blog.
Thank you a million times.

Doramius said...

This works great on the 1035NR up to 10.6.2 with audio and WiFi. I just keep getting a kernel panic when trying to go to 10.6.3 or 10.6.4 http://img202.imageshack.us/img202/8403/1022368b.jpg
I've been toying with it myself, with no luck. But this is new territory for me.

Anonymous said...

You guys rock. 10.6.3 working on HP 1154nr. Thanks for all your help!

John Farrar said...

Thanks for the well tested work! I have used ( or attempted to use ) other proceedures, but none have worked well like this. I am on a HP mini 1030nr with a SSD drive. I am amazed at how fast the system responds considering it has a 1.6ghz single core Atom processor. Wireless works fine, but the light on the right, below the keyboard is still orange? Also the mic works in some areas, but not others? Not an issue, just not sure what to do at this point. I also need to do more work with UpdateEFI as I did not know how to use it yet. I got to the Extensions area, but did not know to proceed any further. I will have to do further research on how to use. I certainly appreciate all the time you put into this project to make it work so well, Thanks again!

Karl said...

I have an install (that I keep restoring) of 10.6 that runs perfectly on my Mini. However, when I follow this guide from step C.4, I get kernel panic. I have repeated this process many times (restore 10.6 image, run installer, run mini efi auto setup) but I get a cpu mismatch kernel panic every time. I have tried the 10.6.3 v1.1 combo updater (I can't find a single download of the non-1.1) as well as the 10.6.2 combo updater, both after which I get a kernel panic on reboot.
Any suggestions? this is sooo frustrating!

Anonymous said...

I have the HP Mini 1030NR.
I successfully installed the 10.6 using the NetbookBootMaker 0.8.3.
But I can't seem to update to 10.6.3 at all. Do you have any detailed suggestions (I'm pretty new at this)? I tried all different types but failed. When I update to the 10.6.3, it just doesn't reboot at all. I did try the HP Mini 1000 EFI Auto Setup for 10.6.3 but it doesn't work

Bobby said...

This tutorial is not working for me. I have been trying to get OSX 10.6 to install for the past 24 hours on HP Mini.

Just purchased a HP Mini 110-3135DX. I am able to boot the USB drive, but when it loads the screen turns to a blank gray color. It doesn't change and nothing happens. I have redone this tutorial over and over again, but I am still unable to install OSX on my computer.

Please help me.

Tyler Evert said...

@Doramius can you tell me what you did to instal on your 1035NR.

I have the same and want to know...

Triple Boot WIN7, Ubuntu, y MAC OS X said...

I am just curious as to see if you can leave a backup image in order for others to make a complete install without having to go through all the motions. Is it possible that you can do that please? Thanks


Anonymous said...

Hi i have the same problem that booby, please help me!!!!

Dennis said...

any chance this will work on a HP Mini 5103 ?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I know this might not be the right place to ask this but I was trying to flush the bios on my HP miny 110 (using windows updater). I had a power failure and now I am stuck in a loop at the booting screen. Can anyone please tell me where can I find a copy of the ROM bios files for this netbook? I can't get into windows anymore so I guess it has to be done either using a flash drive or an external floppy (I have both)...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

This tutorial Worked great for me. 10.6.3 wifi didnt work so i went back to 10.6.2 and all is fine. thank you