30 May 2010

CHUD, Kernel Panics, WiFi, Living with the HP Mini 1001TU hackintosh

Yep, my Mini 311 is still with *******, the local store I bought it from and is still, I hope, getting fixed.

I'm using the HP Mini 1001TU as my main machine for portable computing. I had tried to run 10.6.3 on it but the lack of sleep functionality with my own personal brewed DSDT.aml and lack of time and drive to figure it out has made me decide to revert to 10.6.2. - wipe-out, reinstall route.

HP Mini 1000 10.6.2 Auto EFI

But the hackintoshing lessons don't stop pouring in even when I'm making do with an aging netbook and déphasé 10.6.2. For one, I noticed that CHUD kexts don't go well with VoodooHDA.
I'd get Kernel Panics at boot up. It's because those additional kexts gets included in the mkext. I haven't dared to venture with Mkext Tool created kextcache for Extra folder but I think that should work as well. What I do is make sure I've got everything exactly the way I want - 10.6.2 update - create my Extensions.mkext from /Extra/Extensions and /System/Library/ and then just install XCode/Mac OS X Developer afterwards and not rebuild my mkext anymore.

This one I learned actually from the HP Mini 311 but I'm incorporating it in my Mini 1001TU policy, The Broadcom wireless module that comes with the HP Mini 1001TU by default supports True Power Off feature. I can never speak for real Macs but I think this is related to the "softswitch" strategy that HP implements on its machines to manage PCI cards does not exist in real Macs. I've experienced my WiFi cards suddenly turned off on my Mini 311 and it can only be turned back on when booted in Windows or Linux. Taping PIN20 has been one suggestion - I've gotten mixed results with that. But one thing I do is make sure that TruePowerOff is enabled:
So far, so good.


Andrew said...

I was wondering if you could help me out. Followed your guide to installing 10.6.2 on my hpmini 311 but mail.app says i can't use it.
"You have Mail version 4.2 (1077/1075.2). It cant be used on Mac OS X Version 10.6.2 (Build 10C540)."

and auto updates for new software (like itunes) is detected and tells me theirs a new version available but then crashes after that.

Also bluetooth seems to be spotty. (Not letting me set up my blackberry as a modem like i can on my macbook pro) Im so close to having the perfect osx machine. please help!

LeMaurien19 said...

Isn't Mail and other default OS X apps automatically installed along with the system itself?

I mean, those stuff should've been installed along with the main system cause their from the same DVD? So I'm perplexed why you have that version mismatch.

Or is it because Mail v4.2 requires 10.6.3 and you're on 10.6.2? Maybe that's the prob.

I haven't tried setting up mobile phones as modem via bluetooth - or what we normally call "tethering" - so I'm afraid I'm more clueless than you are. But do check other forums, Google is your best friend.

jccw said...

My hp mini 1000, running 10.6.2, has Mail version 4.2 (1077). My iMac, running 10.6.3, has Mail version 4.2 (1078). So I'm even more perplexed about Andrew's mismatch.

Andrew said...

Something went wrong with the combo update I guess. Because I reintalled that, restarted my machine, got a kerel panic. Shutdown turned back on and everything works fine now. I'm not sure why I got that first panic after I reinstalled the 09 combo update. I've rebooted several times after and all is well now.

LeMaurien19 said...

Oh well, that's what we call "demystifying OSx86/hackintosh". :)

Anonymous said...

dude, do you DSDT? i'm having trouble with evoReboot and VoodooPower, they both fail to work IFF i shut down with either wifi disabled or speaker muted (OS dies but machine stays on). i noticed though that you use usually use kexts to take care of power management (Osxrestart, et al) thanks!