04 May 2010

Not Quite There Yet

Staying up to date has always been part of this game we call technology. Somebody releases something new and we just find ourselves itching to be able to see that ".x" displayed when we look at detailed information on an a piece of software.

It's a perpetual chase that proves to be problematic already in normal circumstances.

Same holds true and even more complex in out of the normal circumstances like ours - hackintoshes.

Ok, so much for waxing poetic and straight on to the point: 10.6.3 on the HP Mini 311 is not quite there yet. True, it can be installed and non of the main functionalities are broken - we still have Quartz Extreme, audio, ethernet, bluetooth, etc. It's quite a perfect Mini MacBook Pro 5,1 (that's what I prefer to disguise my HP Mini 311-1002TU as nowadays).

Until you put the machine to sleep.

On my current setup with Snow Leo 10.6.3 and with this config (Vanilla AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement):
- AppleACPIBatteryManager
- AppleACPIPS2Nub
- ApplePS2Controller
- CPUIDOverride
- CPUIDSymbols
- CPUInjector
- fakesmc

- VoodooHDA

No matter whether it's verbose or non verbose boot mode; or hibernatemode 0 or 3, I've kernel panics creeping up on me once I wake the system up. The KP's are cause by PS2 controllers which I could easily dismiss as "just as expected" since the Mini 311's ApplePS2 kexts are buggy causing kernel_task bloats. However, there's something else that renders the situation a little too disturbing to be chalked up to "hey, it's a hackintosh, what did you expect?" argument.

The webcam does NOT work in non verbose after wake from sleep. 

Does it work in verbose mode? Yes, webcam works after wake from sleep if one boots verbose mode.

But then, looking at console messages to observe wake from sleep patterns (for both verbose and non-verbose boot) under 10.6.3 and comparing them to those of under 10.6.2 have revealed an ugly side to 10.6.3:

USB management is crippled.

Observe "USB (OHCI)" from 10.6.2 that does not appear in 10.6.3 and HP webcam-50 being disconnected in 0.6.3 which does not happen in 10.6.2.


jovy said...

i dont seem to have the same problems with the USB as you do i am able to wake properly, but i do get kernel panics when i boot non verbose.

and i followed your install instructions to the letter.


LeMaurien19 said...

That's it, stay with verbose mode.

It's in non-verbose that this USB issue creeps up. And on an entirely different setup from HF5RC3 which I assume is what you're using.

HF5RC3 still uses VoodoPowerMini/Disabler(NullCPUPwrMgmt)/SleepEnabler kexts to manage power and sleep.

However, the situation described in this post uses vanilla AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement - stock OS X power and sleep management. Largely still on testing but soon to be released as HF6.

jovy said...

ok. thought it was an issue about your install method.

thanks and great site!

Anonymous said...

give voodooPS2 another shot.

this may be a longshot but have you tried compiling your own dsdt.aml (using iasl)?
How about getting rid of the sleepimage by setting hibernatemode to 0?

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, if all else fails, prevent sleep from happening. Inject InsomniaX.

LeMaurien19 said...

^Err, what we're actually trying to do is resolve the USB problem and not to just plug it up with InsomniaX.

Don't wanna be rude but though I may not be the most brilliant person in the planet, I think I know exactly what I'm talking about here ;)