28 May 2010


That is one anorexic tablet!

So let me vent out my frustration from calling the local store where I brought my bricked Mini 311 for repair - I had called them yesterday and been told they would call me this morning. They didn't and so I called them and was told again that they would call me for an update. It's two and a half weeks, close to the three weeks max they originally had estimated to get the machine fixed.

So let's ogle at the OLPC XO3 in the mean time and let its "green-ness" relieve the stress from crappy customer service.
from endgadget.com
It's not as if I'm pressing them to fix the unit fast - I just want know how things are doing.


Anonymous said...

Keep the whip to them!

LeMaurien19 said...

They'll get it from me tomorrow ha!