18 April 2010

Running Dry

Lately I haven't been as active with the hackintosh community and this blog of mine hasn't been updated as often as it used to (see how 2009 monthly posts compare with 2010's).

Our MSI Wind hackintosh that I turned into a nettop at home running Mac OS X Snow Leopard via EFI boot has suddenly refused to boot again. I've tried various external booters, some of which worked fine but nothing could make my MSI Wind boot OS X on its own like it used to.

So I thought it was time for a reinstall. Actually not a real reinstall - what I wanted to do was restore a 10.6.2 Vanilla system onto my MSI Wind's hard drive. I got my trusty old 20 GB external USB hard drive and used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone a working 10.6.2 system on it. Afterwards, I wanted to make it bootable. But given that doing an EFI boot on that external hard drive wouldn't still boot my suddenly misbehaving MSI Wind, I decided to try NetbookInstaller 0.8.4 RC1. I was halfway along with the installation on my external hard drive and then boom! Kernel panic! Right there on my 311's desktop.

I just don't know what it is between NetbookInstaller and NetbookBootMaker and me but one thing I'm sure of: we don't rock.

So I figured out I was gonna just revert to good old Leopard on my MSI Wind + Windows XP dual boot setup.

And that's that on my MSI Wind. Now on to my Mini 1000.

Sad to say but the poor little guy probably would have to revert to 10.6.2 cause I just can't make it sleep properly in 10.6.3. Now that might be due to fact that I'm guilty of putting too much of what little time I get left for hackintoshing to the HP Mini 311. At least I should get a 10.6.2 package installer for the Mini 1000 to make up for my negligence.

And then the all consuming HP Mini 311. 10.6.3 is still muddy waters - we don't know for sure how to go from HF4 10.6.2 to 10.6.3 moving forward. EFI boot or NetbookBootMaker/NetbookInstaller? And then there's AppleHDA and VoodooHDA. Then there's also ApplePS2 and VoodooPS2.

I sorely miss my carefree HP Mini 311 Snow Leopard 10.6.2 days.

So much for staying bleeding edge these past couple of years.

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