23 April 2010

Friday Round Up - Updates on 10.6.3 Update

It's Friday and the mundane work-centric week is about to end at last! It's time for OSx86 again, yay!*

The main problem with 10.6.3 is that it screws up sleep; blank screen on resume or a kernel panic. Either way, you're obliged to cold restart/reboot your machine to continue using it.

Simply not good.

It's one of the reasons why HF5 is still RC1. I'm staying optimistic that we'd get this sorted out rather than wait for 10.6.4 which could potentially add more issues in the already imbalanced equation.

So what do we do?

Good thing there are still people like aikidoka25, alabamas, mosslack, mowglibook, poofyhairguy and the rest of the brilliant gang at InsanelyMac who never tire of working on the 311 and churning out these custom-modded kexts. So:

1) Test, test and test - various kexts and kext location configuration etc.**
2) Package HF5 RC2 - hopefully I can get my own Mini 311 with stable sleep/resume preferrably with non verbose boot mode
3) Write a new guide - once 10.6.3 is finally figured out from no. 2, to record my "journey"

*I should really do a rain check - oh make that a double rain check. Friends my age are looking forward to partying on a Friday night, either checking out boys or being checked out by them.
Me I look forward to OSx86.

**I've been experimenting with VoodooHDA in /System/Library/Extensions and what I call a "Super kextcache" in EFI/Extra composed of /EFI/Extra/Extensions and /System/Libray/Extensions. I'll try the other combinations. It does seem that the old ApplePS2Controller kexts are causing the kernel panics. Time to try VoodooPS2Controller in /S/L/E.

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