27 April 2010

HP Mini 311 HF5

NOTE: HPM311DP_HF5 is now available  Please go back to using HF5RC3 - it's the same as HF5 but without the option to install Boot Camp Assistant (hacked for OSx86). If you want Boot Camp Assistant, you can download it separately and replace the one in your /Applications/Utilities folder.
This is the official HF5 GA release.
  • VoodooPowerMini - for power management with readily available speedstepping functionality which then implies use of SleepEnabler - 10.6.3 version by meklort for sleep/resume and NullCPUPowerManagement from previous HP Mini 311 Darwin Project releases.
  • ApplePS2Controller  - VoodooPSController has been reported to be buggy (slow and freezes at times during use)
  • Everything else - CPUInjectorAppleACPIBatteryManager, and fakesmc
New stuff:
  • VoodooHDA v2.6.1
  • DSDT.aml updated compatible with latest Bios F.14 with HPET and P-state/dsdt incorporated speedstep (for possible future transition to stock AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement)
So far, on my Mini. I can even boot non-verbose and resume from sleep is stable.**
*credit is given to the hacker who patched Boot Camp Assistant.
**That is, using a kextcache made from /Extra/Extensions and /System/Library/Extensions on non verbose mode


Anonymous said...

how do i boot non-verbose with this update? everytime i reboot i see the text scrolling thru the screen. thanks in advance

Nam said...

GO here: download EFI editor

Then run it, click Edit EFI

the EFI partition should show up on desktop

Open it, look for the com.apple.boot.plist file

Open it with txt Edit

Find the Flag line
Remove the -v debug... so its blank

now reboot.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for the Boot Camp addition!!!

Very appreciated...

Matthew said...

Hey, just looking for an assist if possible. I installed HF5, but I was running a dual-boot setup, and now it automatically tries to boot into windows 7. I can get to the mac partition if I use a disc bootloader (the one you posted in the previous post comments, or HF4). How do I get the bootloader functional again?

LeMaurien19 said...

It's because your Wind7 partition is now set as active. I believe you tried fixing it with activating the partition via Win7 installer BUT didn't quite follow through the process, hence your EFI partition is still inactive.

I suppose you already know how to do that: boot with your Win 7 installer and activate EFI partition.

Anonymous said...


thanks, although i didnt know i had to copy the file to my desktop to be able to edit it.

Copied the file to my desktop and back to the EFI volume and voila! non-verbose booting cool.

Now the hp mini works like a mac.

Thanks guys

alexandre said...

thanks now i've non verbose, but my trackpad does not work ?!

LeMaurien19 said...

Try booting first with -v -f flags.
Then restart again normally - graphical boot.

It should be fixed

And finally for those who want verbose mode booting here's a guide: Graphical Boot

alexandre said...

yeah thanks, everything seems to be ok

Jim Huang said...

Yes, sleep is available, but not stable! My mini 311 lost the wired network connection after waking up.

Could you pleas tell me how you figured this out?

LeMaurien19 said...

@Jim Huang
Wired connection or LAN remains to be one of the problems with this hackintosh setup.

For other details please check out the HP Mini Darwin Project Opening Thread

Jomppa said...


I get "HFS Signature not present" and "can't find mach_kernel" when trying to install from original SL disk.

I have Win311 3GB 500GB (copied original recovery partitition and Win7) Win 7 Home Premium original

I downgraded BIOS to 1.4

Any help appreciated