24 January 2012

Next Step

So after more than three years, I finally have my first Mac. I think that this really is the right time to get one: Core i5, MacBook Air and I also get to enjoy what I've always loved about netbooks - portability - so I and my 11" MBA are more than made for each other.
The question now is: What's next? What happens now to MacBook Mini?
I stand guilty of leaving MacBook Mini, though not neglected (it now shares MBA's Techlink Anti-bacterial MacBook Cleaner), untouched in a corner (actually, I transferred it another desk - my housemate's) for a week now.
Aside from running torrents, I don't think it would serve anything more as having been spoiled with Core i5, SSD and 4G DDR3 goodness even for only a little more than seven days has rendered me unable to go back to that Atom N280 abyss.
With the extra project initiative at work involving lots of Excel fiddling on top the papers for my masters that I just have to write using Word, I now admit that I do need my productivity software Office 2011 for Mac after all.

The sluggish performance of Office 2011 on the HP Mini 311 running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 had prompted me ever since to take care of my Microsoft Office needs with a Windows PC at home in the Philippines. And now, here in Singapore, I've found myself lugging my office issued HP EliteBook whenever I've needed to write my school stuff.
iWork is just not a viable option for me given the strict conditions specified for paper formatting for my MA.
And after discovering how MS Office 2011 for Mac works so effortlessly on the mid-2011 MacBook Air, I finally can leave that vile laptop in the office as it belongs there and not inflict torture on my scoliotic back.
My cousin will be coming here in Singapore and she'll be needing a laptop. I'm considering giving her the HP Mini 311.
Yep, that's not the MacBook Mini. She'll be using the machine primarily for editing her CV and tracking her online job applications. And though I'd totally love to infect her with that Mac or hackintosh fever, I just couldn't because she's an MS Office person and MS Office for Mac on the HP Mini 311 running Snow Leopard is just a pain in the @ss to use.
But before I reformat MacBook Mini (that's in March so there's still a lot of time), I hope I can update that installation guide to include THeKiNG's latest (and last, I think) development.


sell broken electronics said...

Great for you, good choice of having a MacBook Mini.

Dig-Mac said...

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Anonymous said...

Please LeMaurien write us the last installation guide detailed.

That would be a great end for us!

Sombat said...

I would like to update my hp mini 311, with OSX 10.6.7 installed.

Because the original WIFI module in the machine doesn't work, so I have to use the wired LAN whenever I need to go online.

In last week, I order USB mini wifi module from Ebay for about 6 US$

And now I am using this machine booted as OSX, connected via this WIFI module. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you think of selling your famous 311c on ebay, signed by you?
You are a myth in the hackintosh community.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to post a quick thank you.

My mini has been collecting dust for about a year, until a couple of weeks ago when I decided to try a few linux distros.

None of them ran very well, especially video (even with the official nvidia drivers).

I was bored with windows, and for me to get any use out of my netbook I needed something fresh. Thanks for saving my mini!

Maybe it is because I am fresh off some linux driver letdowns, but I think OS X runs better on the mini than anything else I have ran on it; Including Windows.

Unknown said...

Hi ,
I saw your post about ApplePS2 vs VoodooPs2 and I found interesting .
I would like to sent you and email for a question about that post but I didn't find your address , so I'm posting it here.
I'm a sort of hackintosh newbe ... and I got a question about voodooPs and C:
do the voodooPS2 kexts depend on ApplePS2 or they are replacement? If they are, for a correct installation do I need to remove Apple kexts from S/L/E directory? does the same apply for the VoodooGMA?


CARD said...

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Anonymous said...

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macbook fans said...

Yes, Very Good choice of having a MacBook Mini.

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Sara said...

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