21 January 2012

Apple Store Goodies

Remember that delivery for my MacBook Air got delayed for one business day?

The Apple care rep that got my call that last Friday when I had called to ask why my MBA was showing as stuck in a heliport in Hong Kong, called again on Tuesday, after I got my MBA on Monday.

He politely checked whether I did get my package and if I was happy with my purchase. He also mentioned again what he had said in passing that Friday; that they were giving me a gift coupon to compensate me for the wait. This time, he confirmed how much they were gonna give me: S$ 65

I should've upped the ante a bit more because he did ask me if S$ 65 was okay. Stupid me; I almost automatically quipped "okay". I'd like to chalk it up to that being the first time I was ever offered anything to compensate for waiting.

On hind sight, yes, not getting my MacBook Air 11" on Friday as indicated on the "ships by" info was an inconvenience. I now see the rationale as "what if I really needed the machine in my hands before the weekend?". I guess it's just that I've been inconvenienced all my life and so MacBook Airs that don't deliver on the communicated date has become the norm for me.

Perhaps my Singapore life will teach me to become more of those customers that are ever more irate and impatient by the day. "Wha' you wan' lah?!? You waisti' time lah!"

And so, without further ado and illogical paranoia of the gift coupon's March 16 expiration date, I present to you my Apple loot, procured with the help of that S$ 65 gift coupon:

To name the 3 items (clockwise) :
  1. TechLink's "Keep It Clean" Anti-Bacterial Notebook Spray and Cloth - S$ 17
  2. Moshi 11" ClearGuard Keyboard Protector for MacBook Air - S$ 39
  3. Speck 11" SeeThru Case for MacBook Air (2nd Gen. - Clear) - S$ 69
Yep, if you think of it, that S$120 I saved by getting my MacBook Air during the Red Day Sale is more than reclaimed by Apple's sales through this S$ 125 spent on accessories. Since I got that S$ 65 coupon, my total spending was lowered down to S$ 60. 

I think I still can get that external hard drive if I want to. Not that I already need to; I've transferred all the files that currently live on MacBook Mini's internal hard drive to the MacBook Air and my SSD use is still showing as:

Plus I still have around 30 GB free space on my Seagate Free Agent Go 320 GB external hard drive where I keep movies, complete episodes of my fave K-drama and other chunks of files whose value to me I don't even remember anymore.

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