19 January 2012

MC - Medical Certificate

I didn't get good sleep last night; my allergies were killing me. Before it takes on a full-blown asthma attack, I'm taking this issue to Dr. Lie at the neighborhood clinic. He's very accommodating - so much so that I get to diagnose my own self after the consultation. One time, I'd been running high fever coupled with colds for two nights and one day and when I went to see Dr. Lie, he just let me ramble on about my symptoms and we ended up like so:

Me: Do you think that I already have infection?
Dr. Lie: Yes.

And then he scribbled the usual doctor's scrawl on his prescription pad, paused, looked at me and confirmed that "You want a MC, right? I'll give you three days."

Well, today, I'll be seeing him again. I guess I should read up on asthma and aligue or seafood. I'd better be prepared or where would we be if I didn't take this initiative?

But that particular episode is for later. Being the good geekette that I am or aspire to be, instead of using this opportunity to study for my masters (yes, finally, I have my equivalent of undergrad diploma from Sorbonne - Paris 3 and am officially eligible for graduate studies, I'm on M1 now), of course I'm spending the first half of my day, well, geeking out.

First up, Geekbench

I've had my svelte little mid-2011 MacBook Air 11" for about 3 days now. My productivity apps are all installed (thank you to my previous company who gave me a free copy of Office 2011 for Mac), dropbox synching away happily in the background, in short everything seems like I've always had this particular MacBook Air all my life. Err...with the exception of my iTunes library and settings which I couldn't quite figure how to transfer over from my HP Mini 311 running Snow Leopard - I didn't use and have never liked Migration Assistant as I prefer starting fresh always.

My two housemates also sync their iPhones on the HP Mini 311 and we have successfully set up sync over Wi-Fi. I really want to just transfer those user settings over to the MBA, without using Migration Assistant, so we won't have to erase and re-sync all 3 of our iPhones.

Anyway, using Office 2011 for Mac was sluggish on the HP Mini 311 and so I've developed serious negative opinion about that Microsoft productivity suite. But that soon changed, in fact just 2 days ago. I was pleasantly surprised that Office 2011 for Mac was very very zippy on the MBA.

Curious, I thought I had to have a numerical representation of that difference in user-experience. Geekbench downloaded from Primatelabs, I ran the application on both computers. Here's the result:

1st Run:

I wasn't expecting the hackintoshed HP Mini 311 to beat the MacBook Air; it's a given that the outdated low-profile Atom N280 (though seemingly clocked higher at 1.67 GHz) is no match for the Core i5 (1.60 GHz) but I didn't think it would score lower than it ever did.

If you look at the HP Mini 311's Geekbench scores from a year or so ago, you'd see that disguising itself as a MacBook Pro 5,5 averaged at least 1,040 and now, it can't even get past the 1,000 mark. I can't help wonder what caused the change.

Is it my current hackintosh setup? I mean, it's no denying that there's been quite an overhaul from when MowgliBook was heading the development and when THeKiNG stepped in, that plus several other factors such as Mac OS X Snow Leopard itself; we're now running 10.6.8. And maybe even Geekbench's new version has something to do about the results - a lot of things could've contributed to the change in scores.

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