10 January 2012

I'm So Excited. That I Just Can't Hide It..

And can't help blog about it.

And can't help but go on "addictus mode" and monitor every activity over at Apple's site and now DHL:

I may get feverish later for all I know.


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Anonymous said...

Be warned that the keyboard layout is not exactly like the 311C. You may not like a few key placements in the MBA.

Also, the battery is not replaceable. You know what that entails.

Personally, after following your guides and Hackintoshing successfully mi 311C, I decided not to buy the 11" MBA for just one reason: the screen is a "TN" like the 311C (although better than the HP). If the MBA 11" had an IPS screen, I would have bought one from the first day. With a TN screen, it's not enough of an upgrade from the 311C no justify the price. Even the resolution is the same as the 311C.