11 September 2012

A Fork On the Road

It has been more than 3 years since my very first post. It has been 3 happy years writing about what my geek heart is passionate about - geeky stuff.

I started this journey, documenting each step first as a hackintosh noob and then becoming not-so-newbie hackintosher and then finally quite knowledgeable hackintosher (in my own way at least ) perhaps let's rephrase that to a "seasoned hackintosh experiment participant who's always willing to present her netbook as specimen." 

Now, after moving to another country for work - I admit, the idea of more *dough* to spend on new netbooks was a huge factor in taking this decision to uproot myself from home base at first (not anymore) - and after neglecting this beloved blog, I've come to realize that I've come to this inevitable fork on the road.

I have to be honest that I most probably won't be updating My MacBook Mini as I don't do hackintosh anymore. 

My love for writing and technology will remain for as long as I am me perhaps so I'm thinking of not letting go of Saving For A Mac where I'm planning to write my "tech-lusting". Well, ok, I'll be honest again - I just don't remember my GoDaddy account details and can't figure out how to stop them from billing me yearly for automatic domain renewal (stupid me, really).

Also, there's this CloudWalker 360 thing that I recently started that talks about Autodesk 360 (Autodesk's "play-catch-up-with-the-rest-of-them" cloud offering). Don't get me wrong! I don't have grudges against the company itself but it is my hope that it can surprise and make everyone hold their breath with what it can do with its Autodesk 360. At the moment, it's still under development.

Let's just say, rather than being obliged, that I'm given the "chance" to self-learn and document this service offering from Autodesk.

Oh and I forgot, I'm now a mother of 2 violins which make me (pleasantly) occupied recently (but perhaps irritatingly disturbing to my 2 flatmates and HDB neighbors) and my babies take most of my time off work now.

Meet "Aubie" and my youngest "Rius":

"Rius" - because he's a Strad patterned fiddle


Pablo Esvertit said...

Nice to meet Aubie and Rius!
Good luck and thanks again for share with us your hackintosh know-how.

LeMaurien19 said...

Thanks! :D

Victor Silva said...

Hi, just desired to let you know, I enjoyed this blog post. It had been funny. Carry on posting! Apple news