16 February 2010

Mac OS History In Screenshots

One of the reasons, if not the sole one, that has always left me craving for Mac OS experience is the beautiful desktop that is Aqua. Now back in those days, 1984 to be exact, the Mac OS as we know it today was very different.
Remember this?
from blogof.francescomugnai.com
Probably not. I myself wasn't born yet when this screenshot was taken.
Mac OS System 1.0! 
It's amazing how we've gone from the image above to this image of Snow Leopard:
from geek.com
We've really come so far!


Anonymous said...

Well, I think that you are not taking into account the fact that OSX has nothing to do with MacOS. Comparing 1984 Mac screenshots to OSX is like comparing windowsCE to OSX: not the same teams, not the same technologies, nothing in common except the use of icons and mice.
So, you should create 2 comparison pages: one of MacOS screenshots (from Lisa 1983 to the last MacOS release), and another one for OSX screnshots (from NextStep 1988 to the latest snow leo).
But please, don't blur history lines between Mac and OSX. Today, "Mac" is just a brand name.
Apple could just as well start selling hamburgers and market them as "Mac" if it there was a sufficiently profitable niche. It would have technically nothing to do with the original MacOS either.

Kamagra Jelly said...

From 84 to 2010 that's 24 years (god am finally good at math:D) of evolution and I have to say that this time has done justice to MAC OS, they are the best and really know how to make things work.

Anonymous said...

I have been a Macuser since day one. Hell.... I was a beta tester for AOL. I recall dialing up and 6 pound "cell phones".... and I am not older than dirt yet. The best part of all this..... It all seemed natural and inevitable.....We are creating a museum for the future. Totally cool. OS whatever..... Live long and prosper.