22 February 2010

A Figure of Speech

Not sure what this makes, but here's my current desktop (Snow Leopard 10.6.2) on my HP Mini 311:
My mom was requesting me to revert our family PC "back to the way it was" because she's been constantly getting flash freezes in Farmville (she started complaining in Vista, and she still complains about the freeze ups in the current Windows 7 Ultimate). 
With "back to the way it was", she actually meant "back to Snow Leopard" but given that I'm still watching my latest fave Taiwanese drama live via PPLive every Sunday evening and I'm no longer privileged with lots of free time on weekends as before (way way before), I haven't got the time to figure out a dual-boot with Snow Leo and Windows 7. She can complain all she wants about Farmville's flash issues but at least not on the limited amount of time she gets to use the computer and that's because I've bought a wireless router at last - just yesterday in fact.

It's a Belkin G Wireless Router. I'm kinda stumped with the simplicity of the naming convention Belkin has opted for - compare "Belkin G Wireless Router" to "Aztech DSL605E" (our DSL modem's model). And Belkin makes more sense actually - it's named that because it's a G Wireless Router.
Now mommy dearest can harvest, plough, plant all the broccolis she wants, milk all green cows she can milk and fertlize as many other farms she possibly can. While I can watch all the youtube vids and read all blogs I can digest from my room using the HP Mini 311.
But I'm running out of inspiration lately.
I think I've to ask myself: "Time for a hiatus?"

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