04 February 2010

IntelGMA950 : Rebirth

Intel has updated drivers for its GMA950 graphics chipset which enables netbooks (Atom N270 or Atom N280) to reach resolutions of upto 1152 x 864 pixels under Windows 7. Though technically, the numbers of pixels doesn't miraculously multiply - physically, there are still only 1024 horizontal and 600 vertical pixels. What really happens is that this "higher resolution tricks" which were achieved via non-Intel sanctioned ways and means can now be had officially via the new driver.
Now the question is: How is this beneficial to 9" or 10" netbook owners? You can now use more easily apps requiring resolutions higher than 1024 x 600 run. Adobe Photoshop for example.
The new IntelGMA950 drivers can be found here.

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