04 February 2010

Apple Short Laptop Wireless U.fl Antenna

Still in pursuit of that perfect MacBook (my Mini 311 is currently camouflaging as a MacBook), I'm gonna try improve bluetooth coverage with these handy dandy Apple short laptop wireless U.fl and bluetooth antennae.

According the ebay seller page:
Apple compact short antenna,  for wireless or bluetooth, the signal gain is no worse than those long type, U.fl plug, suitable for most laptops. only 15cm long, no need to open the chasis of your laptop to install this antenna, just plug in and leave it somewhere around the wifi/bluetooth card, very convinent, a nice choice for those who doesn't have the patiencet to tear their laptop into pieces just to install an antenna.
I got the bundled order; $7.99 for 5 pieces. With shipping (that I'm crossing my fingers to be decent), it rounds the total cost to just $11.98. I'd have extra for when I decide to give back the BCM94312 HMG card to my demised HP Mini 1001TU and get upgraded finally to wireless N to install on my Mini 311 - the stock BCM04312HGMB will stick around for bluetooth.


Levitra said...

Did these actually work? The whole thing looks fake to me, and simply can trust something that looks fishy since the first picture, I would love to be proved wrong but I don't think that will work.

ayha said...

wow ... very cool, comes with a nice spec. I like it.

Brandon Hudson said...

Nice post with awesome points! Can’t wait for the next one.

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