23 December 2009

New Toy

So I guess that makes (yet) another New Year's resolution null and void even before the New Year has come. I vowed not to succumb to gadget lusts but the HP mini 311 was just so tempting.
I'll try making an unboxing video or perhaps even just pics but in the meanwhile, here's my new baby's cousin who tempted me and succeeded:

Intel Atom N280 @ 1.66GHz 1.67GHz
2.00 GB DDR3 RAM
11.6" LCD (Glossy) @ 1366 x 768
NVidia Ion LE
WiFi b/g + Bluetooth combo card
Windows 7 Starter Edition
External DVD burner - dual layer support
Now I wonder what to do with it next?


Kevin said...

Congrats on the new Mini 311. Hopefully you'll like it!

Seb_or_Sam said...

Congrats! So do you think you're going to hackintosh it?

LeMaurien19 said...

I don't know - for now I'm quite happy just (stupidly) looking at it ;-P