05 December 2009

Personal Rambling

The blogosphere is a fragile world made up of connections from point to point - a network of bridges that knowledge go through. Once you enter it, either as a passive reader or an active content creator, you're hooked up. Connected. On line.
One lesson learned: Be careful of the connections you make.
Sometimes people get the impression that you're getting money from some place when you're not.
It's crucial to make that clear right from the start or you send out an distorted image of yourself to the rest of the sphere.
And if you already are in that situation, it isn't logical either to take out your angst in the public by posting it.
No, do not burn bridges.
They're your bridges.
And no matter how point A for example can get into your nerves sometimes, they're still points that you've made friends with.
And then there's your offline life which is more important than your online one cause the offline life is God-given. Enjoy it.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Well said. I completely agree with you!

Sometimes the bridge is "damaged", so to speak, and it just takes some attention and repairing to be safe and usable again. ;)