02 December 2009

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image from mecambiomac.com
A good friend has brilliantly suggested changes to the EFI boot guide; currently in it's latest "revamped" version. The suggestion involves a incorporating the entire EFI setup process into one single script.

We're currently testing how the script works on our separate Mini's to get a picture more or less of how this will fare on other MacBook Mini's out yonder.

Actually I've been using a script I've made myself that configures EFI boot for some time now (ever since I went EFI + Vanilla to be exact) but I just didn't think it was ready for the general others to use as I only had my one MacBook Mini to test it on.

Anyhow, this good friend from the forums has also written a script - a better one than I could ever dream of writing in my lifetime - and we hope to be able to release it together with updated kexts, etc. - the "works", in short, for a new install package and hopefully a new guide as well to get you EFI booting.

If this is successful, then all that needs to be done is to get rid of your terminal-o-phobia and learn how to:
2) "sudo -s"
3) run a script (a file with extension .sh) by dragging and dropping the file icon into a Terminal window and pressing Enter.


Seb_or_Sam said...

Thanks for letting the word out! You're very good to work with. Thanks so much :)

LeMaurien19 said...

Actually, it should be thanks to you :D

John said...

Sounds great! Thank you!

John said...

Sounds great! Thank you both for helping make this a lot easier!

Seb_or_Sam said...
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Seb_or_Sam said...

Aww, thanks!