06 December 2009

HP Mini 311 MacBook WiFi Still A No Go?


Ethernet After Wake - Ethernet is unusable after resume at the moment with the stock nForce kext (however it will after hibernation resume)

Trackpad Options - We have to look into this in any depth, however every known VoodooPS2 SL compatible kext has been tried by multiple users

Stock HP Wireless - Only third party modules installed in the WWAN slot (or WLAN slot with de-whitelisted firmware) with pin 20 covered are usable right now"

That's from the insanelymac.com project thread 

The sad thing is I haven't found a good source for the exact steps to "de-whitelist" the WLAN firmware - all I know is that it's done in Linux.

"BCM943224 SPROM (Apple branded Broadcom SPROM for flashing to the Wireless-N card current being distributed with the HP Mini 311 once the whitelist has been removed using the above file - SPROM flashing must be done under Linux)

File not created yet and no assistance will be provided in the project forum for this"

And then another ray of hope:

"The full size slot is clear of whitelists so you can do whatever you wish there. The half size slot has a whitelist.
I use the stock BT/WiFI card in the halfsize slot for BT only and the open full sized slot for the actual WiFi that works with SL vanilla."
This is a solid configuration.
I'm actually royally confused about this. So the HP Mini 311 has two slots: (1) 1/2 slot and (2) full sized slot. Both can be used for WiFi. The HP Mini 311 comes with stock WiFi on the 1/2 sized slot. And then we can get a full-sized Snow Leopard compatible WiFi Card to install in the full-sized slot.. . .Gah!! I want an HP Mini 311 now!


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