29 November 2011


And thus my hypothesis is tested and the experiment given conclusion: the Singapore Post is way more efficient than the Philippine Post.

Alright, that's a given truth and so needed not be proven in the first place.

I ordered an extra battery pack on eBay for USD 28.99 with free shipping worldwide last November 11 and here I am, just 3 weeks after I placed the order, testing the new battery pack for the HP Mini 311.

Imagine the joy of someone who was used to waiting at least 8 weeks minimum.

Placed side by side, the two battery were identical. The replacement battery pack (one without the distinctive black "replace with HP spare" sticker) was surprisingly well built. The plastic is quite on par with the original one, although it didn't quite match that of the original's glossy parts.

As for the more substantial part of this description, the capacity differs in between the two packs even though both contain 6 cells.

Indicated on the battery itself:
  1. Original HP 6-cell : 4910 mAh indicated
  2. replacement 6-cell : 5100 mAh indicated 
As detected by battery management utilities, I'll let you just look at these screenshots:
1. Original HP battery : 5100 mAh

2. Replacement battery : 4400 mAh 
(but apparently currently extended to 4567 mAh)

The description on the seller's page on eBay on the other hand remains honest and lists 4400 mAh.

If you're interested to check it out, you can visit this link on eBay.

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