15 October 2011

Smartphone Updates - Arrggh and Aaah

When I got my LG Optimus One early this year, I was but a marginalized member of society who couldn't afford an iPhone. And so, with little persuasion from my officemates back in my previous company in Manila and the stupid notion of getting the same phone that Gil Ra-Im in the K-drama Secret Garden would infuse some of the beauty of Ha Ji-Won in me, I became an Android fan.

Of course, I still secretly pined away for a white iPhone - a dream that was realized in this microscopic island of Singapore.

Fast forward to just last Wednesday, I updated Hae-Rim (yep, I named my 32 GB white iPhone 4 courtesy of Singtel and its name is 해림 in the Korean alphabet). The whole iOS 5 update was as worry free as could be.

I set my iPhone in French as you know and Droidy (my Android phone is a little boy while the iPhone is a little girl, together they make up my brood of gadget babies) is no exception.

Wanting to be loving mother, unbiased therefore, to both children, I decided to also update Droidy. Gingerbread was just rolled out (finally - I was waiting for it since March) by LG and I was all about making sure that both my kids got equal chance with all the updates they could possibly get their hands on.

But alas, I guess it's just not meant to be for while Hae-Rim is now rocking iMessage (loving that blue message bubble by the way - a vast improvement over the ghastly green one) as if nothing happened and she had always had iOS 5 in her little ethereal white system, Droidy sadly did not make it through the update via LG Mobile Tools Update which I did on my Windows 7 HP EliteBook 8460p laptop issued by my current company.

I'm suspecting it's because Droidy was still set to French when I ran the update that things got screwed up.

Was it my fault? Was I such a useless parent - why did I choose to make them speak French instead of just plain English? Why?

And it breaks my heart to look at My little boy with its screen stuck at that LG logo for hours on end until it just runs out of battery....


Rocket said...

Poor Droidy =(

If you can somehow boot into recovery, you can maybe re-flash it :-P

LeMaurien19 said...

takr off battery. while holding power button + volume
down, plug into USB.
Would not work for me :(

Anonymous said...

I have a similar phone , the Optimus S. Recently the Gingerbread update was released and then pulled due to a number problems. I bought a Nook Color which is now running Gingerbread installed from CM7. If I get another Android phone, I would have to consider getting one supported by CyanogenMod.